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 BTS Creative Team
§ Jason Fischer (Production Coordinator) shared some old photos as they wrap up production in Vancouver. 
The Boys
§ The Boys Season 2 was reviewed by The Spectator.
§ The Boys breaks records for viewing across streaming channels. According to Hollywood Reporterthe show is the only Amazon series to make the top 10, coming in at number 3.  Forbes also reported the show is a 'rock' for Amazon, and the weekly release of episodes go down well with viewers.
§ Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared his thoughts on The Boys.


Conventions, Concerts, and Cast Appearances
§ Creation Entertainment announced a virtual celebration experience for Supernatural. From October 10 to 22 November, fans will have the opportunity to interact with cast members from Supernatural. Guests include Jim Beaver, Lisa Berry, Osric Chau, Felicia Day, Adam Fergus, David Hayden-Jones, Gil McKinney, Rachel Miner, DJ Qualls, Sebastian Roche, Julian Richings, Samantha Smith, and others. More guest will be announced throughout the month via social media.   

CE SuperCelebration
§ The New Winnipeg Comic Con has been pushed to back to 2021. Ruth Connell was set to appear. Further updates on guest announcements can be found on the website

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§ Jared Padalecki announced he will be teaming up with Stands for charity. More news to come.
§ SPN Survivors announced a mental health workshop "Building a Foundation of Quality Mental Health"  on October 10. Anyone can join.
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