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Show News
§ The CW released a video this week recapping season 15. (Spoiler alert for a few brief scenes of future episodes at the end of the video) and another poster promoting the final 7 episodes. Check it out on our spoiler pages.
§ Shaving People, Punting Things gave us a new video for the final run of episodes of Supernatural. Are you ready?
§ The CW launched its official press release for Supernatural, 15.16 ,“Drag Me Away (From You)." The episode is directed by Amyn Kaderali and written by Meghan Fitzmartin.
§ VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Last chance for Supernatural to win at the E! Peoples Choice Awards as the Sci/Fi fantasy show for 2020.  Voting window runs from October 1 to 23 and you can vote up to 25 times per day per login ID/device 
§ Entertainment Weekly highlighted 15 episodes that took risk creative risks on Supernatural.
§ Variety ranked the best horror episodes of Supernatural

"Bloody Mary," S1.05
§ Screen Rant listed the most iconic quotes of Supernatural.

AssButt Cas

§ Supernatural made the list of shows with steady cast members in TV Insider's report of long running shows.
§ What is the legacy of Supernatural? CBR highlighted the show's uniqueness and how it has left its mark on TV.

Sam and Dean, "Fan Fiction," S10.05
§ Eric Kripke told Variety about how the show evolved from MOTW to character focused stories.
§ Just in time for Halloween! Jaren, Jensen, and Misha shared their favorite scary movies.
§ Screen Rant compared Jared and Jensen's two remakes of Halloween classics, My Bloody Valentine (2009) and Friday the 13th (2009). 

jared Friday13th
Jared Padalecki in Friday the 13th (2009) Image ©WB/Paramount Pictures
§ Jensen at home in Texas, enjoyed a day out with his daughter, JJ.
§ Jensen and Danneel at Chez Boom Audio in Austin, TX.
§ Trish from the make-up crew shared a picture of Misha (as Castiel) BTS from season 15.
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Cast Projects & News
§ Congratulations to Adam Fergus (Mick Davies, Men of Letters) on getting married to actor Hayley Erin.

Adam Fergus

§ Felicia Day launched her Twitch series, Women R, this week.
§ BBC America will be streaming Shoshanna Stern's This Close for the month of October as part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
§ Emily Swallow stars in a new supernatural film, "Haunting of the Mary Celeste". The movie will be released on digital platforms in October. Check out the trailer below. 
§ Tim Omundson's Psych made the cut of GQ India's  top 5 shows to watch. It's the only English language show to make the list. See Omundson as Carlton Lassiter in the hit show.  
§ Yadira Guevara-Prip (Kaia Nieves) will return in Star Trek :Discovery in season 3 as Xahian Queen Po. Episode 1 is scheduled to air on October 15. 

Yadira Guevara Prip
§ Have you  been catching up with Away on Netflix? You might have caught a glimpse of Alona Tal. She plays Miriam Weisberg, mother to space botanist, Dr. Kwesi Weisberg-Abban.

Alona Tal

§ Get ready for some great content with Adam Rose! Rose announced his return to YouTube with 'Cardigan Content'. 
§ Check out Rose's TikTok account which has been spreading the joy that has been 2020, so far. 

put 2020 in rice

♬ Hell 2 da Naw - Bullwinkle Boyz
§ A big finale this week with The 100 and "The Last War" (September 30). Alaina Huffman captured her last day on set as Nikki.
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Squad #LastDayOnSet #CW100

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§ Alaina Huffman also released her 365 Daily Affirmations handbook. 

TheDailyAffirmationHandbook cover
§  Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead  "A Certain Doom" will air on October 4. It's not the end, however, as a further six episodes are planned for 2021. Further spin-offs have also been announced
§ VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! The Walking Dead and This is Us are also up for E! Peoples Choice Awards. This is Us is listed in the category 'The Show of 2020', The Walking Dead and This is Us are both listed in the category 'The Drama Show for 2020'. Sterling K Brown is also up for 'Male TV Star' and 'TV drama Star'. Voting window runs from October 1 to 23 and you can  vote up to 25 times per day. 

TWD Poster       SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
 § Jake Abel appeared on the Kings of Con Podcast. You can listen here.

jake abel twitter image
§ Beyond Hillywood Podcast has a new episode! Catch up on Episode 5 - The Hillywood Show's Supernatural Parody. 
§ Lauren Cohan appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about being quarantined in Georgia to shoot TWD.
§ Lauren Cohan was also interviewed by Rolling Stone about returning to TWD, filming with Tupac, and more. 
§ Dee Wallace (Mildred Baker, "Into the Mystic" 11.11) was interviewed for The King Cast.
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