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Supernatural News This Week

Show News
A promotional poster for Season 15 appeared on IMDB showing Team Free Will 2.0.  

SN S15 FinalSeason 1080x1350 
Promotional photos were released this week for the episode 'The Last Holiday'. The episode will air on October 8, just in time for Halloween.

COVID-19 changed many things for filming, but despite some tweaks to writing, the ending of Supernatural has not changed. In an article by TV Line, Dabb highlighted that even with these changes, the storyline remained the same.

15 13 HLC 0003 Bros Books PC
Scene from 15.3 'Destiny's Child'

Just how did the Supernatural cast and crew come back and film the last two episodes during a pandemic? In an interview with Variety, (ARTICLE SPOILER ALERT FOR CASTING) Robert Singer (co-show runner, executive producer) said everything went smoothly. Production crews were separated into pods to enforce social distancing. Everyone on set was taking testing, social distancing, and quarantining very seriously, and cast and crew were tested every three days. Here is Jared, showing testing in progress. 

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Current and Former Cast Member Projects
Gen Padalecki is joining the re-boot of Walker alongside Jared. She will star as Walker's wife, Emily.  
The final episodes of season 7 of The 100 are now being aired, with the final episode airing on September 30.  Fans of the show will recognize Alaina Huffman (Abaddon) who plays Nikki on the show. Lindsey Morgan (Raven) has joined the cast of Walker.

The 100Alaina Huffman
Felicia Day features as a voice on The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos  PC Game. Dungeon is an RPG, epic fantasy adventure with some unlikely heroes, and a bit of chaos! 

Felicia Day



 News from Current and Former BTS Personnel
The Boys
Erik Kripke posted a video on Twitter with Homelander watching the not-so-great reviews of The Boys. This is likely pushback to all those who have complained about weekly releases of episodes rather than a complete season drop of the second season on Amazon Prime. Haters or not, The Boys are getting rave reviews! 
Yes! Episode 5 is ready and waiting . 
So what do we know so far about Season 3 of The Boys? Insider had the latest scoop (Hint: we know Jensen's is joining the cast as Supe 'Soldier Boy').
Boys Jensen Announ Pic 1
Sera Gamble shared some writing advice and how 'O' Death' became part of the opening scene for 5.21 'Two Minutes to Midnight'. The introduction of Death, played by Julian Richings, is one of the most iconic introductions of  a character in Supernatural.  (Full video clip below)
More from Gamble on the introduction of another iconic character, Castiel. (Clip below)
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