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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
Misha Collins was interviewed by WholeMamas in Episode #167: Raising Adventurous Eaters with Misha and Vicki Collins
 The Adventurous Eaters Club cookbook cover.
 Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) was interviewed by The Brandocast.
 Rob Benedict
Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) was interviewed in South of Nowhere: An Appreciation, Part 2
Matt Cohen
Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) was interviewed by Comic Con Radio
osric chau
Ruth Connell
DJ Qualls
Other Projects
 Kurt Fuller
 Ty Olsson(Benny Lafite)  has a new role.
 Ty Olsson
 Ty's series Fortunate Son has also premiered on CBC Television in Canada
 Adam Rose (Aaron Bass) has joined Carol's Second Act.
adam rose
jeffrey Dean Morgan
Travis Aaron Wade (Cole Trenton) was one of the stars at the ...Hollywood premiere of the Vietnam War drama The Last Full Measure
travis aaron wade
Watch the trailer.
 Several cast members are raising money to help the victims of the fires in Australia.

Rick Springfield is helping raise money for the Santa Monica High School Orchestra.

 Rick is also working to help save the wildlife in Australia that have been affected by the fires.
 DJ Qualls
 Tim Omundson
sterling brown
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