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Supernatural in the news this week!
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
 Michael Rosenbaum featured Supernatural on his podcast Inside of You. Interviews during "Supernatural Week" were with:
osric chau
Other Projects
 Radio Company Music released clips from some cuts from Jensen Ackles' upcoming album.
Jensen announced
Sebastian Roche (Balthazar) is set for a recurring role on another CW show Batwoman Adds Vampire Diaries Alum Sebastian Roché and Rachel Maddow
 sebastian supernatural s06e22 60
Sebastian has a part in the upcoming movie 6 Underground as well. Here's the trailer:
 Fans in L.A. will be able to see Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) in person on stage
Jim Beaver

 Doom Patrol featuring Mark Sheppard and Curtis Armstrong is now available on DVD.

Felicia Day's (Charlie Bradbury) new book Embrace Your Weird is now available in bookstores.
Felicia Day
Felicia is also on tour for her book. If you follow WFB on Twitter, our Nightsky attended and live tweeted Felicia's appearance and talk in Chicago! 

 Lauren Cohan
Colin Ford
Tahmoh Pennikett's (Gadreel) new webseries Deep Six is now available on YouTube
David Hayden-Jones' (Arthur Ketch) movie  The Fiddling Horse will premiere at the Chelsea Film Festival.
david haydn jones cw

 Enjoy this clip from DJ Qualls' (Garth) episode from the new series Creepshow:
 Profits from Misha Collins' new book will be going to charity.

 Jim Beaver is appearing in a project to support shelters and public services in Santa Clarita County, California.

Supernatural's Cast & Crew are having fun for charity! 
 And more from the event.

Kevin Parks posted more pictures. We raised over $3000 so good work!

 Read Jim Beaver's Acceptance Speech for Excellence in the Arts award at this year’s Vietnam Veterans of America convention.
 Congratulations to Shoshannah Stern for having an episode of This Close nominated for Best Comedy in the Women’s Image Network Awards.
 Jason Manns had an opportunity to represent musicians to his congressman:
 Jason has also just produced a new record

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