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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
 Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) was a guest on Conan this week.
 Felicia Day
Other Projects
 osric chau

 Tim Omundson (Cain) will be starting his new role on the next episode of This Is Us.
 Tim Omundson
jeffrey vincent parise
A new season of Tyler Johnston's (Samandriel) Letterkenny is coming to Crave in Canada and Hulu in the United States.
 tyler johnston samandriel

 Australian fans can also finally catch up on the series

 Katie Cassidy
Richard Speight, Jr's (Gabriel/Loki) film Driven is being shown in several film festivals.



A. J. Buckley's (Ed Zeddmore) Paperclip diaper bag is now being sold at Nordstrom.
A.J. Buckley
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Five years ago when my business partner @artiebaxter and I started this company We dreamt about the day our product would land in the big box stores. That dream is now a reality. @nordstrom was at the top of our list but there was such a long road ahead of us and building this company. I have to give major props to a couple people that have made this possible . First and foremost @artiebaxter for really having a clear vision of how to get us here. I am proud to call you one of my best friends and Business partner. Our wives @thechicmamas and @sarabaxter who have always believed in us and have given @paperclip_life the motherly touch that was needed . You both stood by us even when it looked like we might not succeeed. @lukemakovic and @mike_isnot_here for keeping us on track every single day. To every single person that has supported us over the last five years thank you from the bottom of our hearts . We @paperclip_life are just getting started !!! Be a part of the change and see what one of the first recycled ocean plastic diaper bags in the world looks like @nordstrom Remember...” Clean baby, Clean ocean Clean planet!” Link in bio #Entrepreneur #Nordstrom’s #FamilyBusiness #RecycledOceanPlastic #BeAPartOfTheChange #ChangingTheGame #Paperclip #Family #DiaperBag #Cleanbaby #CleanOcean #Cleanplanet #ChangingStation #Fashion #Function #theWillow #TheBear #JoJo #Wolfpack #DadLife #Twins #Kids #America #AmericanDream #sealteam

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