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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
 Curtis Armstrong
A.J. Buckley
Other Projects
The Kickstarter is here.
 david haydn jones cw
 We'll get to see Alaina Huffman (Abaddon) on Netflix this spring.
Alaina Huffman
Gabriel Tigerman (Andy) has several new commercials
Gabriel Tigerman
Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) was on Go Fact Yourself
A.J. Buckley's (ed Zeddmore) series Pure is finally being shown in the United States
 Check out Jared and Genevieve Padalecki's charity run here.
 Jason Manns has received a great honor
 jeffrey Dean Morgan
danneel ackles supernatural  Genevieve Padalecki
 adrianne palicki
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