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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
Sera also took part in a panel at the Nantucket Film Festival that focussed on women filmmakers How Long Will TV and Film’s Boom Market for Female Stories Last?
Also, Sera Gamble and the cast and crew of the Magicians are taking a stand against family separation. 'Lucifer' Star, 'The Magicians' Team & More Step Up to Keep Families Together
Sera Gamble was also interviewed about her new show You.
 Ben Edlund is writing a new The Tick comic. New England Comics Launches The Tick #0 For San Diego Comic-Con
Jenny Klein has a new series premiering
 Fans can meet Adam Glass as he celebrates the release of his new comic series
Changing Channels interviewed several BTS personnel this week.
Show Tidbits
 Gabriel was included in Most Unnecessary TV Deaths of 2018.
'Let the Good Times Roll' was 13th in TV Line's Season Finales, Ranked! (2018 Edition)
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom