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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
chad lindberg
Other Projects
The next episode in Samantha Ferris's Gourmet Detective series premiers Sunday October 8, 2017
Samantha Ferris 
Gabriel Tigerman (Andy Gallagher) was part of the Sad Imitation web series
 Gabriel Tigerman
 GeekDad gave us a look at Felicia Day's (Charlie Bradbury) new character in Skylander's Academy.
You can catch the season premiere of Kendrick Sampson's (Max Banes) series White Famous.
Kendrick Sampson
 Congratulations to Ty Olsson (Benny Lafitte) for his nomination for his work on A Surrogate's Nightmare
Rachel Miner (Meg #2) took part in a panel to end bullying on Friday at New York Comic Con.
 rachel miner
 TV Guide also covered the story here.
 jeffrey Dean Morgan
There is a baby boom for members of our extended family. In addition to Jeffery Dean Morgan announcing that he and Hillary Burton are having a daughter, two more of our family have shared their happy news.
Jason Manns also has an addition to his family on the way
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 Our newer writers have been busy
 Steve Yockey has two of his plays in production. Salt Lake Acting Company to Stage [Yockey's] MERCURY This Fall
 Yockey will travel to West Virginia to work with student's staging his play very still & hard to see when Shepherd University Hosts Internationally Prodcued Playwright
 Supernatural's Post Coordinator, Mary Manchin has exciting news
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RAW showcases indie talent in visual art, film, fashion design, music, performance art, hair and makeup artistry, and photography.
 Show Tidbits
Buzzfeed notes "Supernatural" Is An Absolutely Bonkers Show And These Tumblr Posts Prove It.  (NOTE: These are from Tumblr posts, language may be NSFW. Thanks to cheryl42 for the heads up.
The Tracking Board talks about Supernatural in its article The CW Redefines What It Means to Be a Success (Network Series)
Ad Age posted the advertising rates for shows this season in TV's Most Expensive Ads: Brands Pay for Football and Tears
The Rates for CW Shows
2017 Rate
2016 Rate
Percent Increase
  The Flash 62,425 60,660 3%
  Supergirl 50,511 54,667 -8%
  Dynasty 38,251 NA NA
  DC's Legends of Tomorrow 37,525 37,033 1%
  Arrow 37,453 40,368 -7%
  Valor 35,863 NA NA
  Supernatural 34,430 28,300 22%
  Riverdale 32,831 NA NA
  Jane the Virgin 21,143 25,075 -16%
  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 14,371 14,309 0%
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
 King Books brought us an Unboxing video on The Hunter's Chest, a subscription service for Supernatural merchandise.