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 Catching Up With Current And Former BTS Personnel
Adam Glass was interviewed on his comic Brik in Why ‘Brik’ Is A Comic Unlike Any Other.
 Robbie Thompson's new comic series is in stores.
 Meghan Fitzmartin, Supernatural Showrunner's Assistant, is a quarterfinalist for this year's Creative World Awards for her Original Television Drama Abramelin Institute. Congratulations Meghan! 
 Show Tidbits
 Screen Rant told us
Supernatural had two entries in TV Fanatic's 13 Times We Screamed at the TV in Anger!,
Business Insider included Supernatural in its list of the 20 most popular TV shows of 2017 so far. Thanks to cheryl42 for the heads up.
 Castiel was included in TV Fanatic's list of 15 Characters That Were Almost Killed Off.
Supernatural Clue Featured On Jeopardy Thanks to deb ryzley (@DRyzley) for the tip
Samantha Smith gave us a peak behind the story of Sam and Dean carving their initials in the MOL table
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom