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Supernatural around the Web this week.
Jedidiah Goodacre [Henry] chats ‘Supernatural’ and his busy career with Examiner. com. also Caught up with Ty Wood [Doug] and his busy acting career.

Vulture tells us about That Time Lauren Cohan Wanted to Quit The Walking Dead Because of a Gruesome Death Scene.

Supernatural Fever published an interview with Katherine Ramdeen on Facebook. The interview is in Spanish followed by an English translation.

The TV Junkies profiled Amanda Tapping in their Women Behind Canadian TV series.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Explains His Crazy Chemistry With Female Co-Stars at TV Insider the site also looked at The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln on the 'Crazy-Ass' Return Ep and Why Negan Is a Sociopath.

From A.V. ClubGalavant’s Timothy Omundson on musicals, petty tyrants, and Frank Turner .

Kim Rhodes' return to Supernatural coincided with interviews from several outfits including. TV Goodness -Kim Rhodes on “Don’t You Forget About Me”; EW - Kim Rhodes previews Jody Mills' return, including, 'My favorite thing I've ever shot in my life'; and Zap2It - Sheriff Jody Mills tends to some awkward ‘family business’ on ‘Supernatural .

SPN UK is running a new series "Women of Supernatural Interviews" – Kim Rhodes' and Briana Buckmaster's were the first interviews published.

Composer Christopher Lennertz, who provides the score for Supernatural was interviewed this week both by Fansided - Interview With Agent Carter Musical Composer Christopher Lennertz and by - Exclusive Interview with ‘Agent Carter’/’Galavant’ Composer, Christopher Lennertz .

PopSugar graced us with 17 Pictures of Jensen Ackles Staring Into Your Soul, Just in Time For Valentine's Day. Jensen also made #38 on GLAMOUR's 100 Sexiest Men 2016. I can't disagree with that!

Want to see Kim Rhodes in person? She is one of the scheduled guests at WiSHCon.

They are still raising funds for this event at Indiegogo .

Wayward Daughters' Fundraiser: Wayward Kindness is raising funds benefiting Random Acts.
After a wildly successful t-shirt campaign, Wayward Daughters is promoting Random Acts once more. This time, we're collecting donations to raffle a custom designed Wayward Daughters poster donated by Exorcising Emily and signed by several Supernatural regulars: Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills), Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum), and Misha Collins (Castiel).

The raffle runs until February 27. recounted how X-Files pays tribute to Vancouver-based director . While TV Insider took us Behind the Touching X-Files Tribute to the Legacy of Kim Manners. For more on the tribute to Kim Manners see Alice's article .

Buddy TV listed their Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ and told us 8 Supernatural Things the Winchester Brothers Have Convinced Us are Real.

We got a special look at this episode when Kim Rhodes & Kathryn Newton took part in this week's AfterBuzz TV.

USA Today notes that the eponymous Lucifer Isn't the only devilish TV character. and includes OUR recently returned angel in the list.

Dean and Lisa made TV Fanatic's list of 27 Breakups That Broke Our Hearts.. .

PopSugar lists 25 Signs You Are Utterly Obsessed With Supernatural. Then they told us How to Navigate Your 20s, According to Crowley From Supernatural .

People Magazine asked Gilmore Girls: Where Are the Characters Now? Jared gave his thoughts on Dean Forrester.

PlayBuzz asks Can You Name All These Supernatural Characters? and Which Supernatural Hunter Are You?.

MTV wonders Can We Guess Your Favorite Supernatural Character?.

Finally, don't forget the TNT marathon this Sunday. It's a great alternative to the Superbowl or simply a great way to pass the time until the Superbowl. Either way it's a great way to catch up on season 10. A WFB News Article gives times of specific episodes.


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One day, I hope we see Ben & Lisa again. It would be so lovely if just for one episode, Dean crossed paths with them, but they had no memory of him.
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