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While out trawling the roadways for more snazzy gifts (and less grisly ghosts), we happened to find some additional gift options! (ok, really we had more people send in links to neat shops.)

There's ArtsyDenise's shop, which has an assortment of hand painted Supernatural ornaments, wine glasses, paintings and other items of her own unique design.  I especially love some of her Baby art.

Mercy has a Salt N Burn Candle Shop for those who need to get the smell of sulfar out of their nose.

Ashlis meanwhile sells a SPN styled canvas shoe for when you need to chase down an errant angel who's gone wondering off to get into trouble.

Finally for those who want more variety, Princess Schez has a cafepress shop full of fan love (lots of designs slapped on anything they could) or you can pick out a shirt at her redbubble store.

Actually I think there may be some more SPN fans at redbubble or cafepress... time to go hunting...
By this point if we haven't helped you find SOMETHING, I recommend giving them some shaving cream and nudie mags (or a candy bar & some oil).

There are so many creative fans around the world who make, share or sell Supernatural-themes gifts. Please share links that you have found to supernatural ideas for the holidays! Supernatural fan artists and vendors, use the Contact Us link at the top of each web page to send us links to your product pages. If we receive enough new links, we will issue Vol 2 of our Holiday Guide!

Happy Holidays ya idjits.  Thanks for visiting our little home here and making it fun.  This one's for all of y'all.

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debbie bills
# debbie bills 2015-11-27 12:48
Another few fantastic gifts I`m currently selling a signed script (by both Jensen and Jared), a misha collins signed prison sign from Folshom prison blues and a crew only t-shirt from the imapalas world tour on ebay
Check under the name spacekidsdebbie
# MURILLO 2016-01-21 05:03
This is a very unique gift giving guide indeed. Never thought about giving someone a supernatural gifts. However after reading this post I've learned a lot about this interesting holiday gift items. Thanks for a nice contribution. :)