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More Gifts for the Supernatural Fan!

The following gifts are not licensed by the Supernatural gods but would still be perfect for the Supernatural fan in your life!

For instance, if you're not wanting to play monopoly or clue, but a game that pretty closely captures the feel of being a hunter, Salt & Burn, the board game does this pretty well.  You won't see familiar characters in it save Lucifer & the horsemen (yes there is an apocalypse scenario) but the world is very familiar. (Full Disclosure: I did back this on kickstarter and got my own copy of the game.)

The Hillywood Show has also released their SPN parody calendars for next year .

And there's always the variety of fan books such as Fangasm , Fan Phenomena: Supernatural , the show's mythology or essays on its philosophy.

Friend of the site sewgeekaustin also has a lot of SPN themed ornaments, jewelry, even prop replicas that may not be available yet elsewhere. (Full Disclosure: I've gotten a few things off her as well. Now I just need actors to start filming my own fan show...).

CelebrityMachines is where I've gotten my own Kansas & Ohio license plates that hang on my cubicle wall, they even have the plate from Death's car .  For those in need of stocking stuffers, Ten & Under (sometimes seen at conventions) has a seemingly endless supply of SPN goodies. (like the hunter starter pack !)  If your fan has already begun their hunting, we recommend maybe getting them a blank journal from FineBlankBooks so they can write down all the lore they find.  Never know if their kids are going to need it someday. If they already have collections, ConquestJournals has Supernatural themed books for scrapbooking.

If you STILL haven't found that something special for the SPN fan in your life... how about some children's books written by Jared Padalecki's own sister ? (we're all about family after all)


debbie bills
# debbie bills 2015-11-27 12:48
Another few fantastic gifts I`m currently selling a signed script (by both Jensen and Jared), a misha collins signed prison sign from Folshom prison blues and a crew only t-shirt from the imapalas world tour on ebay
Check under the name spacekidsdebbie
# MURILLO 2016-01-21 05:03
This is a very unique gift giving guide indeed. Never thought about giving someone a supernatural gifts. However after reading this post I've learned a lot about this interesting holiday gift items. Thanks for a nice contribution. :)