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The dark and suspenseful supernatural/horror TV drama‚ “Supernatural,” has become more and more popular in recent years, and now seems to have one of the largest followings on television. Featuring all sorts of supernatural elements and creatures, this show appeals to a variety of audiences, from those who are inclined to like dark drama, to those who simply like a bit of magic in their shows. If you are a fan, then you certainly realize how addictive all of these qualities can be, as you have no doubt realized how hard it is to look away when this show is on. Here’s a recap of the most recent episode, “Death’s Door,” in case you missed it and are hoping to pick up with the second half of the seventh season when it returns in January.
This episode picks up directly from the previous episode, “How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters,” at the end of which Bobby was shot by Dick Roman, the leader of the Leviathan, during a rescue from Sam and Dean. Bobby is now stuck in a coma, though, of course, his mind remains switched on and working in a dream state. We see Bobby navigating his own thoughts and memories, all the while being followed by a grim reaper who wishes to permanently put him to rest. Bobby learns after meeting up with his old partner Rufus in a memory that to escape his coma he'll have to confront his worst memories, and this eventually leads him to his abusive father, whom he had killed as a boy.
While Bobby never had children of his own, largely due to his fear that he would turn out to be an abusive father like his own had been, he is able to tell a memory of his father that he has two children, in Sam and Dean. More importantly, Bobby expresses, and realizes, that he turned out ok, never having abused Sam or Dean. This cathartic experience allows Bobby to wake up briefly, but for long enough that he is able to write an important combination of numbers on Sam’s hand before slipping away.  At this point, the reaper finally catches up to Bobby, and offers him a choice between letting go or becoming a ghost. This marks the end of the episode, as the screen fades away,  Bobby still with a decision to make. 
This conclusion marked the suspenseful end of the first half of season 7, with episodes set to pick up again in early January. If you do not yet follow the show or have lost touch and hope to see some of these new episodes, you may want to head to in order to upgrade your cable or satellite package and gain access to this sort of programming.