This involves a recent controversy that some people are interrupting other threads for, so I’m giving this issue its own space. If you want nothing to do with controversy and vicious fan fighting, please look away now. This will be very nasty. 

Okay, here’s my statement. A few days ago, one of my writers sent me some links to Comic Con articles sharing spoilers. An article on the Innsmouth Free Press was one of them. I read through the article and I was instantly offended. The author of that article took many of the comments coming from Comic Con and twisted them into a scathing complaint about Supernatural and its direction. The tone overall was negative and bitter.   Considering I had just gotten back from Comic Con where everyone was very, very excited about the new season and the new direction, cast, producers, fans, media, everyone,  I took offense to the article twisting those words in that manner. Honestly, it royally pissed me off.   She wasn’t there. How would she know the context of the session? How dare she turn something really positive into something horribly backbiting like that?
Now, I’ve been blogging for a few years. There’s a reality about blogging. Anything you post is fair game. Anything with an opinion puts the author’s head on a chopping block. People are going to object. People will also praise you to high heaven for your words. Others will jump on you and make personal insults. The latter sadly over the last few years is becoming more of the norm than the exception. I attended a panel of webmasters at Comic Con that all said pretty much the same thing. It’s a hostile environment out there. It requires thick skin. 
Yes, I delivered a post that was harsh. I’m not ashamed of it. I posted my name on it so my objection went on public record. I still stand by that post today. The article was unfair and offensive to those that love this show and want to be excited by what’s coming up.  I made one quick statement and walked away. I haven’t been back to that site again, nor will I ever. I’m allowed to state my opinion too. I’m allowed to be offended too. It’s part of the forum.  I'm not telling anyone how to act or how to do anything.  I'm not so delusional to think that I actually have that power!  I think there are too many sensitive people out there that have fun twisting words. 
Lord knows I’ve posted enough things where people have instantly jumped on me for giving an opinion that didn’t agree with theirs. A lot of those opinions have been disrespectful. I’ve never got warnings or “heads up” that someone objected. It’s the nature of the medium. Writers must be thick skinned. Writers must be prepared for backlash. If a writer can’t take that, then blogging isn’t for them. 
Now, for those hurling insults my way since then, claiming I’m trying to “censor” the Internet (which is a ludicrous suggestion) let me explain how we do things at The Winchester Family Business. This site was created as a safe haven for posters that were getting fed up with all the negativity and fighting at TWOP and Livejournal. These are fans that want to intelligently and rationally discuss their show without fear of attack.
When I posted my article on Eric Kripke’s statements about “Swan Song” at Comic Con, I edited some harsh comments after repeated warnings that were not relevant to that discussion. After all, the regular readers of this site don’t want to read personal attacks and complaints about something that didn’t happen on this site. So, to be fair, I’m moving all those statements over to the comments in this article below. I’m also reposting the edited comments in full tact. Yes, I keep a record of everything I receive.  
So again, I must warn our regular readers, those that wish to avoid acid attitudes should stay away. 
Those that think I’m being unfair or whatever go ahead, just let loose here.  Have at it.  I won’t edit unless actual threats are made.