I'm going to warn you all right now.  I'm a weeping, blubbering, godawful mess over a FREAKING PREVIEW CLIP!!  What the Hell is this episode going to do to us?

Courtesy of Warner Brothers, a second clip was released today in addition to the one we've been sharing in our videos section.  I'm going to warn you what it is before you see it, because if you're at work, you better not have to be productive.  You will be wrecked.  Sam says goodbye to Bobby and Castiel, with one very distraught Dean watching on the sidelines.  We don't see his turn, but I imagine it can't be any less gutwrenching than what we see here.  So, you've been warned!!!

This is the one that's been out since Friday.  Dean gives Sam his blessing, sort of.

I'm not waiting until Thursday.  I'm just going to say it right now.  DAMN YOU KRIKPE!!!!!