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Well, you can close out a season with a wedding or you can close it out with a funeral.  I say wedding!  Good thing that's what the Walker season 3 finale has in store for us. 

The title of episode 3.18 is, aptly, "It's a Nice Day for a Ranger Wedding!"  Here is the synopsis courtesy of The CW, which is strangely short: 

SEASON FINALE – It’s a big day for the Texas Rangers and the Walker clan as friends and family gather to celebrate a very special event.  Steve Robin directed the episode written by Anna Fricke and Russel Friend (#318).  Original airdate 5/11/2023.

There are 3 preview photos that take place, wait for it, during a wedding!

And here is the preview clip, hinting that some changes are coming for a few of our characters:

What did you think of season three?  You hoping that this ending is just going to be a fun wedding with no major drama?  You happy that there will be a season four?  Share any thoughts you have in the comments, or come back here when the episode is over and reflect on what we were given this season and what you hope for season four.  

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