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So tell me, why is it that nothing ever goes as planned on this show?  Wouldn't you like to see something once on Walker go off without a hitch?  But hey, we know what show we're watching, so let the drama begin!  

This is the penultimate episode of season three.  I love using that word, solely because of this line from Supernatural's "The French Mistake":


Sam: Who wrote this? Nobody says "penultimate!"
Dean: Gun, mouth...Now.


1231 hysterically laughing

Season four is in doubt since The CW doesn't seem to be showing an interest in renewing anything other than All-American.  But given the popularity of this show, finding a streaming service is also a very viable option.  We'll eventually find out what happens, but I imagine the writer's strike will hinder any upcoming announcement.  

This week's episode, 3.17, is titled "It Writes Itself."  Do they mean what that's suppose to mean, that the story is so obvious it writes itself?  Huh.  The synopsis is courtesy of The CW:

ONE MORE TIME – It’s an exciting day for Liam (Keegan Allen), Stella (Violet Brinson) and the horse rescue as opening day is upon them!  Then the boys are off for a camping trip while the ladies plan a relaxing day at the spa…but nothing ever goes as planned.  Joel Novoa directed the episode written by Aaron Carew (#317).  Original airdate 5/4/2023. 

Here are three preview photos also courtesy of The CW.   More hijinks at the ranch!

Finally, here is the preview clip.  It...doesn't tell us much.  

Anything you want to see before the season closes out?  Sound off in the comments.  Or come back here and share your reaction after the episode.  

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