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So, did you like Part One?  I hope so, because this week is Part Two!  This might be a good time to catch up on if you missed last week's episode, just so you aren't confused this week.  

Predictably, this week's episode is called "False Flag,  Part Two".  Here is the synopsis:

BETRAYAL – In the thrilling second half of a two-part episode, the Texas Rangers and the Walker Family must contend with Grey Flag’s plans and one truth…that everything was a lie.  David McWhirter directed the episode written by Bret VandenBos and Brandon Willer (#315).  Original airdate 3/30/2023.

Everything was a lie.  That's so X-Files!  There are three promo photos this week.  Guess The CW is feeling generous!

Here is the preview clip that aired after last week's episode.  Looks like Cordell is pissed!

Enjoying this whole two part thing?  You finding it as "thrilling" as the press release says?  Sound off in the comments, and/or come back here after the episode is done and share your reaction.

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