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Only two more episodes left until the mid-season break!  So what's in store for our heroes of the frontier next?  Let's find out. 

Here is the synopsis for episode 6, titled "Random Acts", courtesy of The CW:

THE SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCE – With questions continuing to surface, Abby (Katherine McNamara) digs deeper into her husband’s past while Gus (Philemon Chambers) and Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez) follow a hunch which has them questioning a former mentor and Calian accused of a heinous crime. Back in town, Tom (Greg Hovanessian) puts together a Fight Night in an attempt to impress a railroad executive despite Kate’s (Katie Findlay) protests, Hoyt (Matt Barr) dives into helping the Reyes family, and Kai (Lawrence Kao) reveals he knows how to throw a punch. The episode was written by Mia Katherine Iverson and directed by Clara Aranovich (#106). Original airdate 11/10/2022.

Here are some rather...beefy...preview photos showing off all to see for Fight Night:

Finally here's the usually short preview clip that naturally tells us nothing: 

What are your hopes for these two remaining episodes before the break?  Share in the comments, or come back here to share your reaction when the episode is over.

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