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The plot thickens!  Is Tom Davidson really a bad guy?  Is something actually developing between him and Abby or is it all part of the game?  What scheme does Hoyt have going this time?  Let's see what we know about the next episode.  

Here is the synopsis of Episode 3, called "Blood & Whiskey":

TURN THE TABLES – Presented with a challenge, Abby (Katherine McNamara) cleverly uncovers an opportunity to undermine the Sheriff (Greg Hovanessian). Hoyt (Matt Barr) grows tired of playing second fiddle to Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez) in the eyes of Lucia’s (Gabriela Quezada) family before the two must work together to fend off a team of bandits. Calian’s drive to help, however, may jeopardize his standing within his tribe. Kate (Katie Findlay) is relentless in her pursuit of information on Abby, Kai (Lawrence Kao) once again proves himself invaluable, and Gus (Philemon Chambers) grapples with the trauma that comes with wearing the badge. The episode was written by Michael Carnes & Josh Gilbert and directed by Larry Teng (103). Original airdate 10/20/2022.

There are 8 preview photos that show off the cast and their period costumes very well!

Here's the official preview clip. It's...vague.  


Got some thoughts are the episode coming up?  Theories about where this is all going?  Share in the comments!

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