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Week two!  Now that the Pilot has dropped, setting up the premise, it's time for this journey to begin.  So where is it going?  

Episode 2 means we get a real episode title now!  Here's the official synopsis of "Home to a Stranger":

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER – Abby (Katherine McNamara) is joined by rough and tumble outlaw Hoyt (Matt Barr) and Apache scout, Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), when she revisits the tragic site of her life’s demise in search of clues to help uncover the cold-blooded killer hiding in town. Meanwhile, new Sheriff Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), and the town’s loyal Deputy, Augustus (Philemon Chambers), are determined to track down the “mysterious” man responsible for the recent bank robbery. Kate (Katie Findlay) badgers Hagan (guest star Mark Sheppard) into doing the right thing, and Lucia (Gabriela Quezada) finds a new friend – and discovers a surprising talent – in Kai (Lawrence Kao). As Abby says a final farewell to her old life and “what might have been” she begins to embrace a new start in Independence while she, Calian, and Hoyt hatch a plan to bring the real enemy to justice…but how close is she willing to get? The episode was written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and directed by Larry Teng (#102). Original airdate 10/13/2022. 

Seven promo photos have been released and for plotting revenge, this cast is looking pretty good! 

Finally, here's a small snippet of the episode courtesy of The CW.  It doesn't really tell much, other than there be scheming the in the wild west! 

Any thoughts or speculation?  Please share in the comments!  

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