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The CW, just in time to be acquired by Nexstar, finally gets its Western.  The question is, will it be worth the wait? 

Premiering Thursday at 9pm ET is the new Walker spinoff, Walker: Independence.  Well, it's more of a prequel, or let's just call it an origin story.  One of the executive producers is someone we all cherish and love, Jared Padalecki.  There's been a lot of good material coming out about "Windy" over the summer, and I recently highlighted several great video clips, interviews and promo posters about the series in a news article.  What do we know about the Pilot specifically?  Here's what we know in a non-spoilery preview.

First the premiere episode synopsis, courtesy of The CW:

SERIES PREMIERE – In the late 1800s, Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara), an affluent and tough-minded Bostonian, embarks on a journey out west with her husband Liam (guest star Brandon Sklenar), when her husband is murdered before her eyes. After crossing paths with Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), a curious Apache tracker, Abby arrives in the town of Independence, Texas, where she encounters diverse and eclectic residents running from their pasts, chasing their dreams, and keeping their own secrets, including Kate Carver (Katie Findlay), an idiosyncratic burlesque dancer with perhaps too keen an interest in Abby’s origins, and Kai (Lawrence Kao), a soulful Chinese immigrant who runs a local restaurant/laundry and offers Abby friendship without agenda. Abby also literally runs into Hoyt Rawlins (Matt Barr), a slippery rogue, thief and con artist with a dented heart of gold who quickly eyes Abby as a mark, until she turns the tables on him. In seeking justice for her husband, Abby encounters Independence’s noble deputy sheriff, Augustus (Philemon Chambers), and his new boss, Sheriff Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), who she has reason to believe is a very bad man indeed. Abby and Hoyt soon find themselves precariously aligned, both seeking to uncover the truth about the identity of Abby’s husband’s killer, and vow to save Independence – a frontier boomtown where nothing is what it seems. The episode was written by Seamus Kevin Fahey from a story co-written by him and Anna Fricke and directed by Larry Teng (#101). Original airdate 10/6/2022.

There are plenty of good preview photos from the premiere to enjoy.  One photo is of special interest for us SPN fans, Mark Sheppard!  Brilliant casting I say!

A few more videos have been released by The CW in anticipation of the premiere.  First, a small preview featuring snippets from the cast:

Five Things to Know about Walker: Independence

The critics are loving this show, according to the CW:

Finally, the 30 second promo for the Pilot:

Excited that this premiere is finally here?  Sound off in the comments!  Once the episode has aired, feel free to discuss the episode here, spoilers allowed.

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