It's that time of week again!  So what's in store for Walker this week?  Lots of drama it looks like.  Things aren't looking so well for Captain James. 

Here's the synopsis of this week's episode, called "Two Points for Honesty":

CAPTAIN JAMES IS SHOT – While setting up protective detail on Trey (Jeff Pierre), Captain James (Coby Bell) is shot and left in critical condition. Walker (Jared Padalecki) takes on the role of interim Captain and turns to an unlikely source for help. Bosede Williams directed the episode written by Blythe Ann Johnson (#208).  Original airdate 1/20/2022. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. 

Here's the promo clip, courtesy of The CW:

Here are the photos, which looks like a lot of anxious waiting around:

2.08-10_stan.jpeg 2.08-11_cordri.jpeg 2.08-1_Larry.jpeg

2.08-2_teens.jpeg 2.08-3_Liam.jpeg 2.08-4_geri.jpeg

2.08-5_waiting.jpeg 2.08-6_walker.jpeg 2.08-7_trey.jpeg

2.08-8_Jameses.jpeg 2.08-9_Larry.jpeg 2.08_014_Trey_running.jpg

2.08_019_Shooting.jpg 2.08_085_Phone_call.jpg 2.08_109_Trey_hospital.jpg

2.08_126_hospital_visit.jpg 2.08_248_Prison_Visit.jpg 2.08_340_Cordell.jpg

2.08_371_Jameses.jpg 2.08_398_Hospital_update.jpg 2.08_525_Cordri_embrace.jpg

2.08_609_ranger_briefing.jpg 2.08_629_DJ.jpg 2.08_660_Cole.jpg

2.08_663_Trooper_lt.jpg 2.08_678_gunpoint.jpg 2.08_699_Cole.jpg

2.08_704_Cole.jpg 2.08_718_swat.jpg 2.08_726_cop.jpg

2.08_738_James_family.jpg 2.08_746_2nd_chance.jpg 2.08_794_key.jpg

2.08_814_hospital_convo.jpg 2.08_849_Cordell_smiling.jpg 2.08_887_Liam_prison_convo.jpg

2.08_894_Liam.jpg WLK208a_0009r.jpeg WLK208a_0159r.jpeg

WLK208a_0179r.jpeg WLK208a_0212r.jpeg WLK208a_0280r.jpeg

WLK208b_0126r.jpeg WLK208b_0201r.jpeg WLK208b_0231r.jpeg

WLK208b_0309r.jpeg WLK208b_0366r.jpeg WLK208b_0460r.jpeg

WLK208b_0731r.jpeg WLK208b_0743r.jpeg

What do you think of season two so far?   Share your thoughts in the comments!

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