We're up to episode 1.12, and can you say flashback?  I know, it's been done a lot, but there's still plenty of back story we're missing here.  So let's take a look.  

Here is the official synopsis from the CW for episode 1.12, "A Tale of Two Families":

FLASHBACK – The show flashes back to the days right before and after Emily’s (Genevieve Padalecki) death and how the entire Walker family dealt with the sudden tragic loss (#112). Steve Robin directed the episode with story by Seamus Kevin Fahey and written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke. Original airdate 5/20/2021. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required.

Here is the preview clip:

And here are the promo photos:

1.12_008.jpg 1.12_012.jpg 1.12_018.jpg

1.12_030.jpg 1.12_0303_Duke.jpg 1.12_048.jpg

1.12_086.jpg 1.12_093.jpg 1.12_101.jpg

1.12_133.jpg 1.12_137_Memories.jpg 1.12_172.jpg

1.12_180_Alone.jpg 1.12_191.jpg 1.12_205.jpg

1.12_219.jpg 1.12_228.jpg 1.12_262_liam.jpg

1.12_286.jpg 1.12_311.jpg 1.12_329.jpg

1.12_341.jpg 1.12_342.jpg 1.12_350.jpg

1.12_404.jpg 1.12_409.jpg 1.12_442.jpg

1.12_467.jpg 1.12_507.jpg 1.12_546.jpg

1.12_579.jpg 1.12_580.jpg 1.12_593.jpg

1.12_617.jpg 1.12_639_Bloody_Hands.jpg 1.12_677.jpg

1.12_715.jpg 1.12_742.jpg 1.12_751.jpg

1.12_770.jpg 1.12_Cordell_Grieving.jpg 1.12_Cordell_Intervention.jpg

WLK112a_0029r.jpg WLK112a_0070r.jpg WLK112a_0077r.jpg

WLK112a_0129r.jpg WLK112a_0226r.jpg WLK112a_0303r.jpg

WLK112a_0377r.jpg WLK112a_0447r.jpg WLK112b_0003r.jpg

WLK112b_0116r.jpg WLK112b_0124r.jpg WLK112b_0231r.jpg

WLK112b_0254r.jpg WLK112b_0313r.jpg WLK112b_0389r.jpg

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