Supernatural is back from hiatus! Here's everything we know about the new episode!
The official press release:

“The Trap” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)

AS GOD IS MY WITNESS – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Eileen (guest star Shoshanna Stern) are faced with the brutal truth. Meanwhile Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Cass (Misha Collins) work together in the hopes of getting a step ahead of Chuck (Guest Star Rob Benedict). Robert Singer directed the episode written by Robert Berens (#1509). Original Airdate 1/16/2020.



The original trailer:
The sneak peek
‘Supernatural’ Boss on Season 15’s ‘Chance to Let Both Boys Be the Star of Their Own Story’  (Mostly spoilers for episode 9, but has some spoilers for the rest of the season) 

Updated:  Here is EW’s interview with Andrew Dabb.  Spoiler alert!!
The cast is having some fun waiting for the episode to air....

... but Dabb is sounding extremely ominous! 

These are the teaser pictures:
15.09_1224_Sam_watching.jpg 15.09_1229_vampire.jpg 15.09_1254_Vampire_Sam.jpg

15.09_1284_Vampire_Sam.jpg 15_09_Sam_Watching.jpg 15_09_Watch_Date.jpg

SN1509A_0047b-700x466-08.jpg SN1509A_0054bc-653x466-01.jpg SN1509A_0072b-700x466-02.jpg

SN1509A_0105bc-653x466-03.jpg SN1509A_0149bc-700x466-04.jpg SN1509A_0270bc-667x466-05.jpg

SN1509B_0061bc-653x466-06.jpg SN1509B_0108bc-700x466-07.jpg SPN1509_HLCaps_0188.jpg

SPN1509_HLCaps_0759.jpg SPN1509_HLCaps_1050.jpg
What is the brutal truth that Sam and Eileen face? How will Cass and Dean working together go? Chuck shows Sam "the future" and it doesn't look great. Sam kisses Eileen, which is about the only good part. The world is overrun by monsters. Bobby kills Sam, or at least beats him over the head? Give us your thoughts in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 9.