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What we know about Supernatural episode 19!
The official press release:
“The Future” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

KELLY MAKES A BOLD CHOICE – Sam (Jared Padalecki) comes up with a way to stop Lucifer’s (Mark Pellegrino) baby but Castiel (Misha Collins) has something else in mind for Kelly (guest star Courtney Ford). Dean (Jensen Ackles) is furious when he finds out someone stole the colt. Kelly makes a bold choice about the baby’s future. Amanda Tapping directed the episode written by Robert Berens & Meredith Glynn (#1219). Original airdate 4/27/2017.
The original trailer:
Here's the new sneak peek.
The promotional pictures.
“Then we have another episode coming up later in the season, Episode 19, that’s extremely Cas-heavy in an even different way.”
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Guest stars: Courtney Ford (Kelly Kline), Paul Barton (Joshua) Damien Mavis (Hozai)
BTS pictures can be found in the discussion thread. for episode 19.
The nephilim baby story heats up with the return of Cas, Dagon and Kelly. This is a Cas-centric episode, so we may not see much of the boys. Cas is taking on Dagon and touching Kelly's baby bump. Kelly seems to have escaped Dagon so good for her. The angels are involved in a big way with Joshua making a reappearance. Finally, welcome Amanda Tapping! Another Supernatural alum comes back to direct!
ETA: We see Cas's return and we are told officially that the baby will be born around May 18 :) AND we get a quick handwave as to why this won't be a nine month pregnancy. What do you think about what we know about this episode? Tell us in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 19.