After our mini-hiatus, we're back with Blade Runners. So we have finally reached the Crowley the blood addict episode.

We have the official CW synopsis:

SUPERNATURAL “Blade Runners”

CROWLEY SINKS DEEPER INTO HIS ADDICTION; NICOLE “SNOOKI” POLIZZI APPEARS IN A CAMEO ROLE — Dean (Jensen Ackles) is frustrated when he can’t reach Crowley (Mark Sheppard), who has promised to find The First Blade. When Crowley finally calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean, he tells them he fell off the wagon and has been injecting human blood and needs their help. To make matters worse, he had a demon (guest star Rebecca Marshall) helping him find blood, but she sold him out and told Abaddon that he and the Winchesters were searching for The First Blade. The brothers need to find the blade before Abaddon does, so they enlist the help of a former member of the Men of Letters (guest star Kavan Smith). Meanwhile, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi appears in a cameo role. Serge Ladouceur directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming (#915).

The CW promo shows Crowley getting blood bags in a hotel room. Sam asks Dean if he is worried about Crowley. Sam and Dean tell Crowley they are counting on him to take out Abaddon. They end up handcuffing him to a chair to get him to detox. 

The sneak peek shows Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine.

CHCH promo now posted


# Alice 2014-03-17 21:13
Honestly, the only thing that doesn't have me excited about this is who it's written by. Although, I am interested in Snooki. That sounds like fun and dammit this fandom could use some fun.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2014-03-18 11:37
Pour toi, Percysowner. [url="https://w watch?v=IoSTAbu GIwc&list=UUJeX UfGgaoewVMgeBeY i8LA/url]
# percysowner 2014-03-18 12:55
Thanks Tim! It's now posted.
# njspnfan 2014-03-18 18:21
Looks like the season kicks in to overdrive starting tonight; eager to see where the Mark of Cain storyline goes, the ill effects on Dean and what happens when Abaddon gets ganked. Me thinks Crowley is playing Dean here, and what happens is gonna trigger a far bigger sequence of events.
# E 2014-03-18 20:25
Me too njspn fan! methinks Dean is in deep. I am very curious to see what the MoC will end up doing to Dean. I think that him loosing his humanity and going more 'feral' is a pretty obvious thing, but I am still wondering about some of the things Cain said like Dean is "worthy" and the mark is a "great burden" with a "great cost." I am itching to know what this may mean. What will be the great burden the great cost? Is it significant that Cain killed Abel, is that act connected to the mark in some way. Will Dean begin to feel compelled to kill Sam? This could go in so many interesting directions. I don't think its an accident that Castiel has been scarce the last few episodes; I am sure he must know something about the MoC, and I'll bet it aint good!
# LEAH 2014-03-18 20:55
njspnfan & E, methinks you are correct. Frankly I am looking forward to some forward movement on these issues and hoping the focus on the brother conflict can maybe be on the back(ish) burner for a second or two.
# E 2014-03-18 22:07
OK. The episode has been over for all of two minutes, but I just wanted to jump in here quick and say that I thought it was awesome; and coming from this particular writing team I'd say it's nigh on a miracle. I think that they may be finding their niche and perfecting their style a little because their last episode was pretty good and this one was, dare I say it? Very good. Great story movement, a great baddie (several baddies!) good pacing, and some clear direction for where we seem be going with the MoC. That moment where Sam was tied up and Dean was standing before him, literally ringing, hypnotized, with the power of the mark and contemplating what? Feeling compelled to do what? And Crowley looking on like a puppet master with his two favorite marionettes. It's all pretty exciting.

And can I just say that Dean is listed in Crowley's phone as 'not moose' bwahaha! That's just awesome.