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On January 24, 1979, somewhere in Lawrence, Kansas, a boy was born to Mary and John Winchester. At the time of his birth, no one thought he would have to fight ghosts, demons, ghouls, vampires, and all the other natural and "supernatural" creatures of the world. Neither did they know how important he would be in the fight to stop the apocalypse and other calamities of the future. Dean Winchester, today we celebrate your 40th birthday! This Is Your Life!

Dean Winchester, 24.01.1979, Lawrence Kansas
Let us start with the little we know about Dean's early years.

November 2, 1983 Dean's mom is killed by Azazel. This is the day that everything changed. (Episode 01x01 "Pilot")
1x01 Pilot

December 25, 1991 Dean gets the amulet (that he later learns will help him locate God) from Sammy. (Episode 03x08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas")

1995 Dean spends two months at a boys’ home after getting caught stealing food. (Episode 09x07 "Bad Boys")

1997 Dean and Sammy are in Fairfax, Indiana, at Truman High School while John is on a hunt. (Episode 04x13 "After School Special")
04x13 neu

Now we are at the point where we learned of the existence of Dean Winchester. This was the beginning of a journey we have followed for more than 13 years.

October 2015 Dean at Stanford, in the middle of the night, in the house where Dean's brother, Sam, and Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, live.  (Episode 01x01 "Pilot")
Dean, Then & Now

Remarkable Dean Moments

Dean survives a hunt on a plane, despite his fear of flying. (Episode 01x04 "Phantom Traveler")

The first time we thought we would lose Dean, he is saved by a faith healer. (Episode 01x12 "Faith")

After the horrible car accident at the end of season 1, Dean is dying and no one can save him - except his father, John, who makes a deal with Azazel. (Episode 02x01 "In My Time of Dying")

The first mug shot of Dean, when he and Sam help a friend of their dads. Normally, they try to avoid getting caught. This time, they want to go to jail. (Episode 02x19 "Folsom Prison Blues")

The day Dean makes, according to Bobby Singer, a “stupid deal” to bring his little brother, Sammy, back to life. (Episode 02x22 "All Hell Breaks Loose -Part 2")

“Heat of the Moment.”  is the only description needed for this moment! (Episode 03x11 "Mystery Spot")

What Dean thinks of Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore the second time they meet. (Episode 03x13 "Ghostfacers")

Dean crawls out of hell. (Episode 04x01 "Lazarus Rising")

Dean being scared is something we rarely see. He can manage the flashlight! (Episode 04x06 "Yellow Fever")

Dean Smith, living a normal life, working at Sandover’s, eating only healthy food, and having no little brother. (Episode 04x17 "It’s a Terrible Life")

Dean is sent to the future and meets his future self. This is a weird moment! (Episode 05x04 "The End")

Dean loses the high-stakes poker game where the currency is years rather than money. (Episode 05x07 "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester")

Dean and Sam get transported to an alternate reality by Balthazar. Dean finds out that he is someone called “Jensen Ackles,”  he is an actor, and the supernatural does not exist. (Episode 06x15 "The French Mistake")

Dick Roman explodes and Dean lands in Purgatory. (Episode 08x01 "We Need to Talk about Kevin")

When cartoons come to life, you need a Hunterus Heroicus! (Episode 08x08 "Hunteri Heroici")

Dean uses a spell that lets him communicate with a dog! No one knew that the spell comes with side effects!  (Episode 09x05 "Dog Dean Afternoon")

Dean is killed by Metatron, then Crowley “saves” Dean. Only problem is that Dean wakes up as a demon. (Episode 09x23 "Do You Believe in Miracles?")

Thanks to Sam, Castiel and the “blood therapy,” Dean regains his humanity. (Episode 10x03 "Soul Survivor")

Hansel and Gretel are kidnapping people and turning them into their younger selves. Dean is the next victim and reverts to his fourteen-year-old self. (Episode 10x12 "About a Boy")

Everybody hates Hitler, but Nazi necromancers resurrect him. One of Dean's proudest moments: He kills Hitler! (Episode 12x05 "The One You've Been Waiting For")

Dean gets hit by a spell that slowly erases his memories. While looking in a mirror, Dean tries to remember who he is and who his brother, mother, and best friend are. (Episode 12x11 "Regarding Dean")

Dean is so happy to finally use the grenade launcher! (Episode 12x22 "Who We Are")

Turns out Dean is an “angry sleeper, like a bear.” (Episode 13x06 "Tombstone")

Dean: “No Sam, it’s a lizard. It tastes like lizard.” Do I need to say more? (Episode 13x10 "Wayward Sisters")

Scooby, dooby doo, where are you?” Dean is a cartoon figure in Scooby-Doo with the biggest sandwich ever. (Episode 13x16 "Scoobynatural")

Dean is overjoyed because he wins the fight against Lucifer, and Sam and Jack are safe. If only he would have known what would happen seconds later. (Episode 13x23 "Let the Good Times Roll")

Dean comes back to Sam, and Michael is gone. (Episode 14x02 "Gods and Monsters")

Dean gets the spear from AU Kaia and tries to spin it because he thinks he looks cool. (Episode 14x09 "The Spear")

Which brings us to Dean's 40th Birthday! So much has happened, but Dean's adventures aren't over - not by a long shot!

Dean's Outfits 

Dean is especially dapper when he "dresses the part" Here are some examples.

Dean and Sam are sent back to Sunrise, Wyoming, into the year 1861 in order to kill a phoenix. Of course, Dean has to do it in style. (Episode 06x18 "Frontierland")
06x18 neu

Lucifer (in Castiel’s vessel) sends Dean back in time to the year 1943 to retrieve a hand of God. (Episode 11x14 "The Vessel")

Back in 1944, Dean and Eliot Ness team up to kill Chronos. (Episode 07x12 "Time After Time")

Oktoberfest, Hollywood monsters, and Dean in lederhosen. (Episode 04x05 "Monster Movie")

Dean as a gym teacher. (Episode 04x13 "After School Special")

Dean as Dr. D. Winchester, M. D. (Episode 05x08 "Changing Channels")

When you work on a case at a Middle Ages LARP event, you have to choose the right outfit!  (Episode 08x11 "LARP and the Real Girl")

Djinns, Charlie ... and Dean as a medical army colonel! (Episode 08x20 "Pac-Man Fever")

Dean likes cowboys! (Episode 13x06 "Tombstone")
13x06 2

Dean's Best Quotes


“Saving people, hunting things, the family business” - the motto of the Winchester family. Maybe Dean’s motto should be “Drive Baby, eat pie, and kill demons.”

We have been accompanying Dean on his journey since he was 26! Can you believe it? Too much has happened to write it all down here, but Dean is my favorite character, so I wanted to share some of my favorite Dean moments as a special birthday present!

What’s your favorite Dean moment, and what do you like about him?

How do you think he would celebrate his 40th birthday? 
I think he would celebrate it with his family, pie, burgers, and beer.

Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below!

Thanks for reading.
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