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During this mini hiatus I thought it would be fun to take a closer, detailed look at the brothers' bedrooms since moving into the Bunker. I made this a two part article, dedicating one to Dean's room and the other to Sam's room.

"In My Room"

(The Beach Boys)

There's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to
In my room, in my room
In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears
In my room, in my room

Do my dreaming and my scheming
Lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing
Laugh at yesterday

Now it's dark and I'm alone
But I won't be afraid
In my room, in my room
In my room, in my room
In my room, in my room

Part One - Room Eleven

spn1019 0485

aka Dean's Room

In episode 8.14 after the brothers took possession of the bunker, Dean was quite excited about setting up his own bedroom. He told Sam
'I haven't had my own room. Ever. I'm making this awesome......'

SPN 0079

' .... I've got my kickass vinyl.'

SPN 0144

'.....I've got this killer mattress. Memory foam -- it remembers me! And it's clean, too. There's no funky smell. There are no creepy motel stains.'

For the first time, we could see what Dean added and kept in the long abandoned bedroom.

SPN 0142

He mounted his various guns and ....

SPN 0143

his Blades.
He also laid out other tools of the trade on the shelf:
  a wooden cross, wooden stakes, a wooden mallet and a bag of either salt or goofer dust, but he left the old fan in place.

SPN 0137

On the desk he kept the old typewriter, tape dispenser, stapler, lamp and desk pad.
He added a picture of himself with his mom (Mary).

SPN 0082

Beside the desk was a table with an old stereo system and a table with his vinyl.

SPN 0145

He also kept the night stand, radio, dresser, lamps and end table with the old rotary phone and a green couch...

SPN 0126

along with the waist basket and the base to either a chair or table.

However, over time, Dean changed, rearranged and removed items.

SPN 1421

In episode 8.16, the mounted blades had been removed along with some of the tools he had on the shelf. 
Any guess what the item is in the corner by the floor lamp? I'm guessing it's a gas or electric heater.

SPN 1238

In episode 9.04, the rotary phone had been moved to Dean's bedside table.

SPN 1357

The tables with the stereo system and records had been removed and Dean's gun display was replaced with a mirror.

SPN 1185

File boxes were added and stored on his dresser...

SPN 1156

and Charlie discovered what he kept in one of those boxes!

SPN 1202

On the other wall, we see where Dean hangs his shirts.

SPN 0011

In episode 9.14, we saw that Dean had been rearranging again. He now had two night stands and a trunk/blanket box in front of his bed,
and what looks like his file boxes are now beside the old radio on the shelf. The rotary phone was removed from the bedside table.


In episode 9.23, we were given another view point of Dean's room. We could see a sink and medicine cabinet as well as his desk and table with the stereo. 

SPN 1076

In episode 10.03, we saw even more changes.
The picture of Mary and Dean, the typewriter, stapler and tape dispenser were gone and a notary press and another old phone had been added.

SPN 1080

The typewriter had been replaced with letter trays. The table with the stereo system had returned.
The mirror had been removed and Dean's gun display had been returned to its place of honour.

SPN 1077

The records are now stored under the stereo.

SPN 1081

One of the nightstands had been removed as well as ....

SPN 1082

the blanket box/trunk and file box.

SPN 1089

The end table remained with the rotary phone....

SPN 1099

however we found where Dean now keeps his picture of him and Mary.

SPN 1109

Along with other pictures...

SPN 1115

John and Mary

SPN 1120

Sam, Dean and Bobby

SPN 1123

A happy moment with his brother


along with another happy moment being shared.

SPN 1390

With the forward view of the room, we could see a table and chairs with a lamp and books on the other side of the door.


In episode 10.10, more changes were made.  A wooden file box is now on the dresser and the dresser has been moved down.
A clothes hamper was added. Also books were added to the shelf.

SPN 0092

In episode 10.12,  there were multiple changes indicating a time lapse had occurred.
The shelf was almost empty and the dresser now had a mirror. 

SPN 0098

The shelf and dresser were inundated with research materials and the dresser was moved back to its original spot.


A trunk was in front of Dean's bed and the clothes hamper had been put beside the couch.

normal SPN1012hd0214

We also get a little glimpse at what Dean has in his medicine cabinet.

spn1111 2630

In season 11.11, Dean's room had changed a little.
There weren't as many research materials on the shelf, however a few beer empties had been added to the decor!

I hope you enjoyed my personally guided tour of Dean's Room!
Is there anything  I missed and you would add?
Are all of the changes things that you think Dean would reasonably make himself over time?
Are there any that seem like continuity *mistakes* or do all of the changes make sense for a guy who spends so much time in the bunker?
Could the missing or moved items just have been in another part of the room that we couldn't see in each shot?
Are they any items that you would expect to see in Dean's room that aren't there? Please share!

Next up 'In My Room' Part Two.