We are honored to get an eyewitness account of the Rising Con Barelona from Yirabah, a frequent visitor to this site.  This was her first con and it's always interesting to hear how things go at a new con held for the first time in such a historic city.  She has a great story to share about Jared among other things so enjoy the report!


The World Wide Supernatural Fan Family at the Rising Con Barcelona 2010

Alright this is it. My report of the Rising Con in Barcelona Spain. Mind you this is the first time I am typing something like that. Only do it because Jasminka asked me to. So if you don’t like it blame it on her.
Unfortunately I don’t have any personal encounters with the guests since I only had an ordinary weekend pass. So no stories about photo ops, autographs or meeting rooms. But I met risenshine after the con and asked her if she could write a little something up about it. Which she thankfully did. You will find the link to it at the end of this. Here are now my impressions.
I arrived early on Friday 11, June 2010 in Barcelona. Went to drop my suitcase of at the bed-and-breakfast I stayed at.  Did some sight seeing and early in the evening I went to the hotel where the con was to be held. I knew that the ticket I purchased was supposed to be given out on Saturday between 07:45 and 8:45 am but I thought maybe I can talk them into giving it to me the day before. What can I tell you it didn’t work.
So the next morning I got up early. At least that is what I thought. By the time I got there there was already an enormous line. While I was waiting I took a look around. This was my first con and I was just stunned. The whole place seemed to be buzzing with excitement. To my terrible dislike at day two I kept on being stunned the whole day. I was just sucking it all in. Didn’t talk to that many people that day. And normally I am a very talkative girl. So now I am a little bit disappointed since I very like missed out on meeting some interesting people.
Even before I got my ticket they already started to open the doors to the panel room. At this con they gave out numbered seats to the golden, silver and regular card holders. And the poor suckers like me, who had no numbered seats, sat in the very back. But thankfully they put up a few video screens and placed the speakers well so I didn’t miss out on anything. Except I didn’t see them close up. But it had its advantage to be that far back. I was aloud to stand up and watch what was going on on stage, while the others in front of me were asked by the KLZ girls to sit down again. So I usually had one eye on the screen and especially at the J2 panels the other one on stage so I wouldn’t miss out on anything.

(My seat was right back there in front of that mirror)
Before the welcome ceremony everybody was just talking. It sounded like a huge swarm of bees. And it kept on while the two hosts arrived. Those guys are doing the Spanish voiceover for Jensen and Jared. They tried to get everybody seated and quiet without much success at the beginning but when they finally said that everybody should be silent so we could welcome the guests it worked immediately.
After a short introduction of the guests by the hosts (not that we needed that) the five of them came on stage. Of course they were welcomed by a huge applause and lots of cheers.

And then Jensen and Jared tried to rush the others off of stage since their panel was first but then they where told that all of them should stay and watch a video made by fans first. It seemed they all enjoyed that very much. Afterwards everybody left the stage except Jensen and Jared. And the panels started.
They both seemed very relaxed talking about how their summer went so far and what they did since they quit filming season 5.

I will not do transcripts of the panels here since you can see and hear it much better on any of the videos.
The way it went at this con (heard it usually is different) they showed at the screen every now and then what was going on in the other rooms (you might see that on one or the other video). For example it started out at Mishas panel. He was in the midst of talking and then suddenly you saw on screen instead of Mishas face a notice that said “photo op Samantha Ferris 1 to 50”. So people got up and went to the other rooms. Mishas first reaction to it was “ No don’t leave”.  

That whole process was very disturbing especially the further back you were seated. I was told by people who had a chance to talk to the guests at a meeting room that it irritated them too. Fans complained about it since this way they were missing out on panels.
During the break between the panel of J2 and Misha I had a chance to take a look at the stage. It was shaped like a T. The long part coming out towards the audience looked like a road. They even put those metal barriers you have on some interstates or highways there. The whole reason for that was that our babe the Impala was supposed to be there. Unfortunately the guy in charge of shipping her off didn’t do it in time I was told. Maybe someone should have shown him the following video which was posted in September last year as an ad for the con in Rom which was held during Easter.
I also found out that there where three con cameras. One at the front and one on each side and they kept changing between the cameras for what was shown on screen which kept the whole thing very interesting. Although there was a (I guess local) TV station there taking impressions of the con and doing interviews with some of the fans.
In the next break between panels I met two nice girls from Linz in Austria and I spent the breaks and lunchtime with them that day (After the con was finished I met another girl from Linz who was sorry to have missed them since she thought she is the only one from Austria and then I tell her there are two more and they are even from her town. But my buddies from the first day were already gone).
During the breaks I also discovered something. There were various groups of people who knew each other. Some of those groups were large. Seemed to me that the largest one was a group of German girls (close to 30 people). For a lot of people it wasn’t the first con. So they already met other fans there and during break it was a huge hello meeting each other again. Just like a huge family reunion. And that’s basically what a con is I think. We Supernatural fans are all a huge family. We literally had fans from all over the world there. The most came from Spain of course and then I believe the next largest group from another country was us Germans. There were of course fans from all over Europe as well as from Asia, Australia and the States.
Once a panel was over some girls were running towards the merchandise room trying to buy raffle tickets for the meeting rooms. Those girls who wanted to be first in line were not very polite. They were running everybody over who was in their way. And that was the only incident that actually involved something rude during those two days. Tried myself for a meeting room but I had no luck my ticket was not drawn.
There was no chance to talk to any of the guests outside there very busy schedule. Since the rooms for the photo ops, autographs and meeting room were right across the hallway from the panel room. The guest didn’t even stay in the hotel were the con was held in the middle of Barcelona. Heard they were staying in a hotel near the beach. And Jim twittered to one of the German girls that they didn’t like that very much.


As much as I enjoyed all the panels I do have to tell you guys that I completely fell for Samantha. Loved how she was going on about Paris Hilton and that people who have lots of money shouldn’t keep it to themselves. Rather they should do something good with it, spent it on some good reason – a charity, research or what ever they are interested in.

(There was a mirror wall to Samanthas left and soon she saw herself in there when she turned or maybe she saw herself in on of the screens to the left and right of that curtain in the background. Anyways she didn’t like how her behind looked in those white pans and from then on she didn’t want to show it too us.)
Enjoyed her picking on the CW and how the girls in the film business have to look like sticks – no bubs no buds unlike her.
At the end of the day there was a band from Madrid, Spain who was rather good. They played a lot of our favourite Supernatural rock songs. Unfortunately the concert was held in the panel room and the acoustic in that room wasn’t that good.
Afterwards I set together with some fans in the coffee lounge of the hotel watching the end of a soccer game of the world championship with them on TV. During that whole day I really didn’t talk that much to other fans not like the following day. And I regret that very much.
I got home to my place just before midnight. Luckily my bed-and-breakfast place had a computer set up for the guests and I opened up thewinchesterfamilybusiness.com in order to tell my friends on the cbox about the con. Guess what I saw first. The “Thank you letter for Eric Kripke”. Immediately I had the urge of showing it to the guests. Tried to print it out but have way through the printer run out of ink. Would have loved to give it to Jensen and see his reaction to it. But, as you all probably know by now, I showed it to Jared. There was a reason to it..
I had a nightmare of a night (I phrased that correctly didn’t mean I had a nightmare that night). Looking back at the whole story it is rather funny but at the time I felt like I am in a Spanish comedy without knowing the script. For your better understanding: The place I stayed at was an apartment on the 4th level to American standards in a typical Spanish apartment building that very likely was more than 100 years old. It had the staircase going round in a circle and in the midst of it there was an elevator the type with a metal cage and inside the elevator with two little doors you had to open to the inside. Plus all the apartments had windows into that staircase. Hard to describe.
When I was just about to fall asleep that night at about 1:30 am somebody rang the doorbell. I didn’t get up. Not my place so why should I open. But nobody else did. They kept ringing the doorbell. Always only one short ring and then there was nothing for a while and then another ring. I was like: “Ok there are 6 rooms in this place. Saw 3 couples earlier before I went to bed. So I am the only single woman in here, no way I was going to open the door. Somebody else should”. Well after about 45 minutes the light in the staircase came on (I know that since I had one of the rooms with a window into the staircase) and I was like “Good finally I can go to sleep”
But nooo! Right then there was a crazy knocking at the apartment door and somebody actually kicked against the door. That’s when I thought “No way you will be able to go to sleep here. You better woman up, get dressed and open the door and find out what is going on” What can I tell you I did just that. Outside the door was a little old Spanish lady in her nightgown who immediately started talking to me in Spanish in a complaining tone. Since I don’t speak Spanish I didn’t understand anything though I told her that I don’t speak Spanish if she could tell me in English. Which I of course didn’t expect her to do.
That conversation repeated itself a few times until there was a man coming downstairs in his pyjamas and he started yelling at me really angry like - in Spanish of course. So I told him calmly that I don’t speak Spanish, that all the guest in here are British and that I can’t help him if he is not able to talk to me in English. But that man only kept on yelling at me in Spanish. So finally I thought I walk through the hallway of the apartment calling out if there is anybody there who speaks Spanish. No answer, no motion behind any of the doors. Sure enough they must have all been wide awake by now but nobody came to my rescue. So I walked back and shrugged my shoulder. That’s when the man finally calmed down. Realizing I tried my best.
By then the windows facing that staircase were all opened. People looking out the windows and there was a lot of Spanish yelling up and down those 8 floors. Guess they were discussing what was going on. Right that moment the elevator doors opened and a British couple (a woman in her forties and her sixty somethingish husband on a stick) walked out of it. That guy was completely messed up. Guess he should have stopped drinking hours ago. And his manners – my god – if he would have been American I would have called him a hillybilly. He acted like it was the most normal thing that he wakes up the whole house and people yelling at me. The Spanish man and woman were really angry again and started yelling at the British guy. The Brit just said “I am sorry” closed the door and walked back to his room while his embarrassed wife followed him (the next day I found out that they had lost the keys to the place).
By then it was nearly 3 am and I am wide a wake so I figured I just go downstairs for some fresh air walking up and down the street hoping I would get tired again. When suddenly at the cross light a Lotus started and got me to jump. Why the hell would you tune up a Lotus? At least that’s what I thought since I just can’t believe that somebody owning such a car would drive around with a broken exhaust. That guy had fun speeding through the empty roads of Barcelona in the middle of the night. Once I got upstairs I met Rosa, the girl who took care of the apartment she had had her night off and just got home. Told her what was going on before and she just took it very graciously. Once in bed I heard that Lotus until 4 am. That dude must have been driving around in circles.
Of course I didn’t hear my alarm clock. Completely overslept. Woke up at 8:45 am and Jensen’s panel was supposed to start at 9:10 am. No way I would be there on time. But I rushed made it through shower and everything within 25 minutes. It took me 15 minutes to get there and then I had the idea of asking the woman at the hotel reception to print the Eric Kripke page for me. She couldn’t open the site. The hotel blocked it – too much information. Then I asked one of the organizer girls of the con if she could print it and she said since they are using the hotel internet she would not be able to open it if they blocked it. Though I sadly walked upstairs and finally listened into the last 10 minutes of Jensen’s panel.
During the 15 minutes break between Jensen’s and Jared’s panel I ran downstairs into the train station and asked the guy at the photo shop to print that page for me and he did. Charging 5 Euros for it. Made it upstairs in the panel room just in time before the line at the mic got too long. And then it happened. I got more and more nervous. Normally me and mics have a mutual agreement to stay out of each others way. They seem to not like me at all since they always start to whistle when I try to talk in one. And that makes me nervous even if I have to use one in a room that’s filled with people I know. I was so sure that when it was my time at the mic I wouldn’t be able to say a word.
Jared answered some of the questions rather lengthy. At least that what it seemed to me. Not that I really got what was asked or answered. And then I got to the point where I checked the time. Only minutes left till his panel would be over. If he wouldn’t start to give shorter answers the panel would be over before it was my turn. Finally I was able to step up to the mic and the KLZ girl asked me what I wanted to ask. Once I told her she said I can not give anything to one of the guests. So I gave in and asked her if she could give it to him. Her answer was that she would have to ask first and I should step out of line and let the other girl go first. Help! My time was running out. The KLZ girl left but she was back rather quick. Actually right in time before Jared was done answering the question on the other side. This time I was thankful that he had a long answer for the other side. Except that I wasn’t in line anymore. But the Spanish girl stepped away and told me I was in front of her. That was so sweet of her. You just have to love Supernatural fans.
And then it happened: Jared looked at me and I had problems to resist the urge of clearing my throat. But I didn’t. Well from then on everything is more or less a blurr. To borrow some words from risenshine: “It is funny how you stand there not moving, not doing anything but your pulse is racing at 200 anyways.”
I remember asking him if he had heard of the Supernatural fan effort to collect money in order to post a whole page thank-you-Eric-Kripke-letter in the Hollywood reporter. He didn’t get it the first time so I repeated it. And when he finally got what I was going on about he was so amazed. I then told him that the fans did it. That it was posted two days ago and that I have a print out of it with me. He was so eager to see it. Though I gave my page to the KLZ girl and she walked up and handed it to him. “You guys did this. Look at what you did” or something to that account. (Told you it is all a blurr) And he walked all the way to the front of the con camera and held the page right in front of it. Put his face next to it and gave us one of his beautiful smiles.
From then on everything went wrong for me. I thought he asked where I found it and thanks to my nerves I messed up two websites. This one and winchesterbros.com. He asked  then if he could keep it since he wanted to show it to Jensen and I answered “Of course if I could have it back that afternoon with their autographs on it” He gave the page back to the KLZ girl. She came back to me, handed me the page and started talking to me. We both thought he turned to the other side when suddenly the girl behind me pulled my arm and said he is talking to you. When I turned he had already turned to the other side. Fudge the KLZ girl.
Anyways I told her that was a complete misunderstanding that he could have kept it. I even had it printed on a marbled page that looked like ancient paper. The girl then told me that she would be with the Js at the photo op after that panel and she would give it to them. After the photo op I looked her up to ask her if she did and she said yes and handed me my page back. She said she gave them a copy. Fudge that woman again.
Going back to my time after I had talked to Jared I was kind of fuming inside that everything went wrong towards the end of my time at the mic. But I also was beaming inside with happiness that I was able to give him that page and let everybody see his surprise and happiness about it.
It must have taken at least half an hour if not longer for my adrenaline level to drop again. I am such a chicken.
During the rest of the day I was talking in the breaks between panels with various people.
During lunch time I met Miguel and his girl-friend Noemi from Barcelona. Not only did they give me some tips what places I had to look up in Barcelona during Monday and Tuesday and which places I should avoid especially after dark but Miguel also allowed me to use his pictures for this page. Thank you Miguel.
Even the guests kept saying that there are barely men there. I was told by others who been to more then one con that this was the one with the most men so far. Even saw two guys who looked like Harley Davidson owners. Dressed up in black t-shirt and jeans vest. The following day they looked normal though.
The day ended with an ACDC cover band. Which seemed kind of strange to me since the original was playing at an out-door concert at the same time in my home town in Stuttgart, Germany.
After everything was done I started talking to some girls from Germany who where at the cons in Rom, Italy and Bad Neuenahr, Germany. They had twitter contact to Jim and tried to get him to come over and watch the first German soccer game that night with us. Unfortunately he didn’t come.

(This picture caused a little uproar. The language seemed to have been Katalan but he mentions Spanish girls in it. Barceloniens are Katalan and they are not much on the rest of Spain it looked like)
One of those girls then started to twitter about the panels that day. It seemed like there wasn’t much information about it there yet. Therefore we all tried to wreck our memories and come up with various things for her to twitter.
Just before the soccer game was over I finally met risenshine. She lives like an hour north from me in Germany. When she told me that she is from Heilbronn I asked her if she was the one that asked Jasminka where she learned her German. And she said yes. Her friends then wanted to know at what website that was and she told them. She even went further and said that it is the cleanest page there is. No weird women on there, no bashing and a lot of very good articles. Have to love her for that statement – don’t we. (I did thank her for that on the behave of our writers) We started to talk and couldn’t quit for the longest. Her friends who stayed in the same hotel with her kind of got a little impatient so I handed them the print outs of Tigershire’s word search which I hadn’t gotten around to do yet. They where all over it.  
Since risenshine had a gold ticket I asked her if she could write up a little something of her experiences during the photo op, autographs and her meeting room experience with Jensen and Jared so I could add it here. Luckily she did.
Again it was past midnight that I made it into my bed. That’s when I realized something. I caught a virus that weekend. I actually was able to make the diagnose myself. I didn’t need to see a doctor about it. The virus is called “con fever” and I am told that it is incurable.
I had another two days in Barcelona sight seeing. And if any of you ever has a chance to visit – do it. All the tourists I talked to agreed on one fact. Barcelona is lots better than Paris or London. I completely fell in love with that town and I am sure it wasn’t the last time I was there.