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What makes the Supernatural fandom different than other fandoms?
What's behind the SPNFamily's generous and enthusiastic support of charitable causes?
What will happen to the SPNFamily now that Supernatural is over? 

These are a few of the questions tackled by a panel of Supernatural fans who double as science fiction/fantasy authors, editors and university lecturers! Led by Gail Z. Martin, Nightsky joined a 4 person panel of Supernatural enthusiasts to discuss the show and its fandom just a few days before the series finale in November. Panelists included: 

Gail Z. Martin (The Chronicles of The Necromancer fantasy adventure series);  aka Morgan Brice (The Badlands urban fantasy M/M paranormal romance series),
Laurena Aker (Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga); aka Nightsky (The WFB), 
Ian Malone (The MAKO Saga, The Hyper Dudes podcast),
Michelle Crowley (Lecturer in Fan Studies at Northern Kentucky University).

For 45 minutes, we swapped stories about our personal encounters with cast members in a variety of fandoms, and compared theories on the uniqueness of Supernatural's fan following. We had a lot of fun, and agreed that the show's themes, cast, the composition of the fandom and timing all intersect to energize the positive aspects of the SPNFamily! 

Enjoy watching* our convention panel discussion, "ConTinual: the Con that Never Ends" - Family Always Has Your Back!

ConTinual FAHYB Fandom Panel

What are you theories about why the SPNFamily works so well (when it's at its best!)? Please share in the comments!

* The panel discussion was published on December 10, 2020, to the Facebook page, "ConTinual: The Con That Never Ends". Facebook doesn't allow anyone to embed their content, so we're linking you to the original recording. 

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