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Highlights and Closing Ceremony

Now it’s time for some of my highlights and then my closing words!

I was waiting for the elevator, and when the door opened Alex Barima was in it. The second time I was in the elevator and the door opened, he walked in. I thought Wow, he is using the levator. He is human too.

Once, when I was walking to the panel room, another door opened and some of the guests came out and walked in front of me. I think it was for photo ops, but I’m not sure about it. I also can’t remember who walked in front of me. I only remember the presence of Mark Pellegrino. It was overwhelming in a positive way.

I have a chronic disease that changed my live so much, in good and bad ways. The months, weeks, and days before the convention, I worried if I could manage the weekend. If I could survive it, enjoy it, and more. Let me tell you that I had more health issues than usual at the convention, and definitely in the weeks after the convention, but all I can say is that IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT, and I will do it again. The time with my friends, all the other fans, the stars, and the atmosphere gave me so much energy. When I think back on that weekend, I start to smile.


It was all over too soon. Here's the closing ceremony:

Closing Ceremony 1

Closing Ceremony 2

Panels 23


Chris will tell you more about the convention support badges. It is an awesome idea and that’s why I want to share it. I also loved being a #APPLEPIE. Thanks for having me!