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Welcome to Part 4 of my first Supernatural convention story! If you missed the earlier parts of my saga, you'll probably want to start at the beginning with Part 1 (Preparations). It will lead you to the Friday, Saturday and Part 5 reports! 


Third day at the con - Sunday


So, the last day at the Con and we were there on time this time! - Although I sounded like a man because of the yelling day before. We did not have the J2 Gold panel so the first thing we came to was Jensen's photo op. Again music was playing and Jensen was pretty calm while waiting for the fans. He is also little more reserved and shy. He did not move much on the spot. We were asked if we were doing the photo op together and I said I asked permission (from my husband) to have Jensen by myself and that he gave it. The staff member said that I was a lucky girl. And I think she meant it because of both Jensen and my husband, which I agree. I hardly realized what was happening when I walked to Jensen and I mumbled to him: "Just a hug?" His hug was light as a feather and so soft. (No samples from photos btw even though it came out great. I am camera shy ;)) And he had great smile in it. So, I survived that.




We returned to wait a bit in the ballroom (after I bought ten more charms for the bracelet). My husband also bought Jason Mann's and friends Christmas CD and the new album Louden Swain had on sale. He got it signed later too. Next would be our J2 photo op and the plan was to make it sort of an action movie poster. The energy was through the roof when we got in line and this time we both were going to be in the picture. When it got to our turn, Jared said to the staff member playfully to take my husband out of there because he was taller than him. My husband is 198 cm tall. We were smiling when we rushed to take a pose. The men were awesome and I looked like I was their boss. It was great. It was funny but we met another Supernatural star outside on the waiting area. Kevin Parks and his dog Kuma Blu was there. We got an extra picture and photo op from that beauty. Then we headed back down to wait and this time we were listening to the trivia game. My husband entered an answer from me and he won a winter beanie from it. We would give it to his brother who also likes Supernatural.


Again we needed to wait for Jared's photo op, which was our last one. When our number was called we headed up and we were just going to do a group hug with him. Jared would hug me and my husband would hug us both because he has monkey arms. Jared was moving and dancing to the music and not holding still at all and when he saw us he remembered us. He was also smiling all the time. When it was our turn, Jared hugged me from behind and I could almost sink in his arms. He was all smiles but so were we. Jared actually looked small next to my husband when we were hugged. All in all, I think the photo ops are the less torturous I have ever felt in front of the camera. And we were all smiles after it. I also stayed to check out the auction. I did not bid on anything although some of the things that were on auction were pretty tempting, like the huge Impala wall banner.


Rob Rachel RichardRachel 1


It was time for the grand finale. It was kicked off by Richard and Rob and it was hilarious like all the other days. Richard revealed to us that Rob likes bottoms and he is cracking up on stage. After their introduction, Rachel Miner entered the stage with lovely escorts Rich and Rob and can I tell you how precious she is? I don't need to really because she got a standing ovation when she arrived. And she truly was inspiring, kind and sweet. She has experienced a lot but still she keeps her head high and she greets every dawn with a smile. Rachel appreciates us fans and the feeling is mutual. She also talked about Wayward Sisters, how she talked about female Supernatural seven years ago, and how now they have complex female characters fans can relate to, like example of Wonder Woman that is so important for the show too.


Rachel talked and is passionate about her Creation Stands campaign "Be the Clarence you want to be". She also holds Misha in high regard and the moments she had with Meg and Castiel. The cast has each other's back. In her last episode, she was already diagnosed with MS and she already was in pain. She had trouble to do some movements so in the episode Misha helped her by picking her up and he spun them against the wall. She loved playing Meg who had a long term plan on the show and also Robbie Thompson's writing. In her panel she talked about a lot of serious issues also. Everyone was listening to her every word, like when she got sick, she did not know where she would fit in the world. The panel ended too soon but it was j2 time! My name actually was on the screens for the questions but I was on the right side and number 13 so I stayed on my seat. I knew how much time asking and answering would take so there was no possibility for me to ask one.


Jared Jensen 1Jared Jensen 2


This was it. Rob started to sing that all too familiar song and we waited. After a while Jared and Jensen ran from the back of the room to the stage and fans were cheering. They did the end of the song jump and the panel was on its way! Jared asked "the first time in a Con" question and I was so happy to lift my hand and cheer about it. Jensen also gave shout out for the crew members that were mingled in the crowd. Jared flew to the Con so he had not shot anything in episode three yet. He was also dropping his mic and fans before the first question. (Such a child ;)) The question was what female Supernatural character they would want to play. Both said their "joke" answers first and then the real one. Jensen chose Baby, Ruby, and Pecky! - Rowena and Jared chose Castiel and Charlie. The episodes they have had most fun filming in 12 seasons were for Jared, "French Mistake" and "Changing Channels". He couldn't decide which one was the best. For Jensen it was "Baby" because it was technically challenging for the crew and something different. He said it is in his opinion the best episode they have ever done. He also gave a few fun runner ups where Dean can be funny, "Yellow Fever", and "Regarding Dean".


Jared Jensen 5Jared 1


A fan said that Jensen and Misha should do a romcom and Jared said he would totally direct that. Comedy is intimidating to Jared (even though he nails it every time). Jensen would love to do a western. Question ends up with Jared and Jensen losing it. Next answer was also hilarious on how the countries they have traveled have impacted them. Jared told us a story about his and Gen's first trip to Italy and because they did not know the language, instead of saying how good the food etc. was, Jared ended up saying to the people to go to hell. Jensen said that if the places have not impacted you then you have done the traveling wrong - So every one of them have impacted him some ways. He mentioned Japan specifically. They connected the most to their characters with hair and bowlegs. Just kidding! Answering seriously Jared has a tough time believing he can live up to people's expectations like Sam sometimes and Jensen said he and Dean shares the same moral compass - Defend those that can't fight for themselves. Through seasons when the show changed show runners it didn't change the day to day work only what the work tales. Aaaaand Salmondean reference!


Jared 2Jensen 1Jensen 2Jensen 3


Jensen will not direct in season 13 because he wanted to spend more time with his family and after this all hell broke loose. A fan asked where Dean is keeping the Samulet after he got it and we literally get every other butt joke from Jared and Jensen and the whole room was howling in laughter and so were they. With a more serious question, Jensen would not want to play a drug addict because it is a tough mind space or in general a character where he could not recover from and would be bad for his health. Jared would not want to play someone who is racist or misogynist or anti LGBT just because of how he approaches a character. If they could write season 14, Jensen would write them relaxing with bottomless drinks and Jared would write them to have peace. If there are monstersm the boys would keep fighting. Jared said that in the end in his mind they should die. While shooting they don't use that much green screen anymore. Jensen was asked about Dean and food and he said it is happy medium between his choice and script. He once had to eat six non meat turduckens that were... not that great. (They looked icky too).


Jensen Rob This is the last questionJensen Sam Jared


We got a question about the Alice in Wonderland episode and Jensen did not hear clearly what the fan said. The whole thing turned into that Jensen should direct - "Juju the Rat (You should direct)" that is loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. (Don't ask!) In the last question they answered how their younger self would react if they knew the impact they had on the world and us to them. They would not have believed it. Jared agreed and said they would be honored too. The panel was great and they both play one another so well. I still can't believe I could see those two guys in person.


Jared Jensen 7


After the panel, I stayed in the Ballroom to wait for Ruth's panel. My husband ran to get us some food on the break. We were thinking to skip the next panel and eat but I just couldn't. Ruth has such a fun way to do her panels that I wanted to stay. Ruth is all smiles all the time. She also would like to be Jensen for a day to see how it would be to be physically perfect with symmetrical freckles. Ruth also pulled one member from the crew to answer a question. The makeup head Trish answered it. We also got some surprise guests on the panel! - My favorite two Hannah actors Erica Carroll and Lee Majdoub. They were pretty awesome. This was actually Lee's first panel and he did great! When he was playing Hannah, Lee said he had to let go and also receive. Ruth playfully answered that this was clearly the fanfic version. Ruth also made us dance for the "My Hope Chest" charity and she filmed it. She also was planning to turn around to Mark Sheppard in the scene where Rowena was naked and have a ginger mirkin.


Erica Lee 1Ruth 4


That was the end of the panels. We took a break before waiting for the autographs and bought Ruth's autograph. I asked her, "Is Rowena really dead?" She said I can ask but no spoilers! I also said to her I wish she will be back and that it was a horrid way to kill her character. She agreed and I could see that Rowena means a lot to her and that she didn't like how she was killed if she was. I also got a picture with Erica and Lee and hubby also took a picture with just the two of them. I promised to send it for both later. Hubby had also snatched our photo ops between the breaks. I was so nervous about giving those posters to them so I could hardly sit still. So we chatted with other fans while waiting. Hubby's note! -Maybe spoilers- This might be nothing but during the auctions the presenter talked about Omundson and his recovery. In the end he said. "We hope he will be back to the show soon". He said it like they knew Cain was coming back. (I can't remember the exact phrase but my husband got excited about his return). We shall see if he was right with his feeling.


Then way later it was time. Last thing to do before the Con would end for us. We were almost last in line to get the autographs and Jensen's auto was first. Jensen had a little break before that and he saw that the line was not that long anymore. We cheered at him and he lifted his arm up in a fist yelling YEAH! So, when I got to the table the handler checked out the poster to sign. He signed it and then I took the poster and handed it to him. I told him that Supernatural was the inspiration that got me creating and writing again so I designed this for him. I also jokingly said that I remember he said that he never can remember the names of the episodes, so that made me do this art. He thanked me and he started to check the poster out with the handler. He explained it had all the episodes, and as I exited, I was just looking at him with a happy grin.




After my husband got his signed we walked to the other side to Jared's autograph line. He was full of energy as always. Again I told him that Supernatural was the inspiration that got me creating and writing again so I designed this for him. But for Jared I also had seen that he had wanted a poster that was similar so I wanted to make it for him. He said as I exited that "It is AMAZING!" and he high fived me. I was grinning like mad. It meant a lot to me that I could give the cast the posters - to give something back to them even if it is a small thing for all the things they have given me, my husband, my friends and all the other fans.


Speaking of fans, I talked to many of them while I was at the Con. Some were from the US, Germany, Mexico and a few from Vancouver and Canada. I met Crowley, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel and Destiel fans and they were all great and so excited to be there. Longest talk that I actually had was with a Destiel fan. She said that she thinks that Dean and Cas should be together and I told her that I don't ship anything. Both of us agreed that people can be a fan of and ship anything they like but it is neither a reason nor excuse to be disrespectful, bully, harass or attack the people that don't think like you do. Fans are fans, not "categories". Most of the conversation we had was actually that Sam should have more scenes with Cas because they work well together. Dean was not always there for Cas and Sam always had faith and was. Sam's and Castiel's (Jared's and Misha's) friendship and character charisma is underrated in our opinion. Sam should have definitely bought Castiel a guinea pig. *Smiley face*


It was time to say goodbye to the Con. What a ride!


Next up Filming Locations & Shenanigans!


Editor's Note: LK's story is being presented to you with only minimal editing. As her country of origin, home culture and distance to Vancouver is part of her convention experience, I thought it important that she be able to tell her story in her own words, without extensive English language translation revisions.