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 Welcome to Part 3 of my tale of attending my very first Supernatural convention! You'll want to go back to read Part 1 (preparations) and Part 2 (Friday at VanCon) if you missed them or head forward to Sunday and Part 5!


Second day at the con - Saturday


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we were late again and rushing to the opening on Saturday. We got in just in time to listen to a very emotional and currently on point introduction to SPNFamily - What it is and what it is not. One fan wrote it all up so you can read it below. In short, the message was spread love not hate. Also, the political atmosphere of present times shaded a few panels.


Richs speech


Gil Brianna Alaina Ruth 1Gil Alaina Brianna Ruth


The energy and speed didn't end there. The next panel we had was with Alaina Huffman, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connel and Gil Mckinney. Poor Gil, I think he was terrified to be onstage with those three women but he could take it. He did leave to sit in the crowd just in case for a moment. Ruth was asked what she would do when Supernatural ends and she said it would never end! Briana was telling about her whip using and how she just wanted to hear the sound from it. She was practicing and didn't want to hit anyone with it or so she said... Alaina and Briana also talked Supernatural's future where Sam and Dean would be performing in everyone's living room. Briana said that that would be a huge tease. Gil was also asked about Henry and how he could come back. He answered with a wink: Henry would slap both boys silly. Then he would hide Sam in the trunk and drive with Dean into the sunset... NOT in a weird way! Ruth was asked a Harry Potter question and if Rowena was the creator of Ravenclaw house as the founder was Rowena Ravenclaw. Gil also pretended to be Dean with his bowlegs and Ruth totally fangirled when she got a hug and Briana joined in with shenanigans.


After the quartette, we immediately got a trio of awesomeness - Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight, Jr. This time Richard did not tell the train story because it would take a long time and concerning people would not be there. He said that it can be found in detail from youtube, heh. Rob imitated a Brazilian fan talking to Jim Michael's because he was playfully vexed he was not invited and the story was hilarious! More or less the story was what fans would even ask from him and the conclusion was "equipment". It was told to Jim Michaels and in the end he asked which one of the "equipment" was it they wanted - This one or this one and whole room started howling. We also heard that there will be second season to Kings of Con. It has already been written but they need to find a home for the show. The old one ended.


Matt 1


One of the highlights of the panel was also when they talked about the most awkward scene on the show they filmed. Rob said that his was hitting Jared with a plunger. He didn't want to hit a guy as big as him and he accidentally hit Jared pretty hard with it. Matt had two, he had to put his hand on Anna's chest and then she starts shaking like she would die without the effects but the second was when Samuel had to break John's neck and was like hold still and relax and Matt was terrified. Richard told about a young woman and Casa Erotica scene. He would lie on top of her when she was topless under a towel between cuts and EVERYONE came to see that scene that day. When the topic came up as to what superheroes they would be, Rich chose Aquaman, Rob - Spiderman and Mat said Rich should be Batman and Rob should be Robin. Matt also told how Louden Swain has inspired him.


Costume contest 1


After their panel had ended, we stayed to watch the costume contest. It had a lot of great and funny entries and our favorites were Mary burning on the ceiling (winner), LARP Dean, Dean and the Impala (service dog) and a girl as Castiel. She had made huge and pretty wings for her wheelchair. After the contest, I jumped on the opportunity and bought the Supernatural charm bracelet with 10 charms. I have wanted to buy one for a long, LONG time. Then we went to get a bite to eat. I was very anxious to see Mark's panel next. Long live the king! You know... live tweeting is hard but I managed to get few tweets out. I did not do it a lot because sometimes the Wi-Fi was too crowded and the tweets did not tweet out.




The main thing I learned from Mark Sheppard's panel was that don't say "I'm sorry" to him. He will rip you a new one otherwise. I can understand that for some he might be a little intimidating. I was pretty nervous myself because later I would have his autograph and I would hand him the poster. I was justified in my fear as you will hear later. Anyway, Mark is not fond of Trump and he wished that the world would turn to a better place soon. He is pretty content how things are with him at the moment so he would not write himself back to the show. The whole panel he had a twinkle in his eye when he responded to questions like why he doesn't like the Beatless, because you can't f--k to it or I'm sorry is FU in Canadian. People didn't dare to prank him on set because he is mean, old and would sue them. The greatest gift for him from fans is their support to them and everything SPNFamily can do together. And yes his "Hello boys" line is the best ever!


Mark 2Mark 3


We had a long break before Misha's panel so we headed out to see the scenery and sit outside. Misha's panel was always the one where I did not know what to expect. Mark's was so funny and Misha's wouldn't disappoint either. We didn't participate in the trivia games either until later when it was in the spur of the moment. It was time for Misha Collins and the ballroom erupted in loud cheers and applause. My husband told me that Misha has a sweet smile and playfully I said to him if I should be jealous? He talked a lot about Gishwhes and what he made people do. He playfully said that he thinks he was meant to do this and cause all the "suffering" from the tasks that were made up long ago but where gathering dust inside his computer hard drive. He made people pick a lot of blackberries and now he is wondering what to do with them.


Misha 1


He also said jokingly that in a gender bent episode, Jensen would play female Cas. The funniest thing was when he demonstrated his talking hand that was a masseuse. His child got scared from it because of shenanigans and he is never allowed to do it again. Misha loves diversity and in other words he says that being abnormal is underrated. Also he told us the origin of his real name, Dmitri. He was named after his mom's ex and she told him Misha is a nickname from it even though it isn't. When a question came what he would want to change in Cas' story he said his past. He tries to do well and it ends up badly. Also he doesn't like that Metatron uploaded all pop-culture references in Castiel's mind. It really messed up Cas' innocence. Misha would prank Jared with tar and feathers. Fan asked about his google history and some he told and some well, was not for public ears. We got a small spoiler about season 13. Misha is now working with a Castiel that looks the same but is totally different. At the end of the panel he went and gave Rob (God) a long hug.


Front hall low


Next we needed to wait for Mark Sheppard and Matt Cohen autographs. It did take a while again but we were talking during that time with fans and also the Road So Far art was running out. But finally our turn came. I handed him the autograph poster and I think I was little scared because I blurted out something when I said: "Do you have a gold pen?" And he said sassily: "Of course I have a gold pen!" I handed him the posters and told him they were for him and it had all the seasons. He thanked me and I think after that, figuratively speaking, I crawled away fast. Matt's line was next. I opened the poster for him and he asked where I wanted him to sign? I said he could sign close to John's boys. He said he wanted to be certain because he didn't want to spoil a great art. I was very taken from his words. After that we headed out because we had a long time to wait for the concert. We sat outside quite a bit and admired the mountains and seaside scenery we had there. The Con area was in perfect spot.




I had seen videos about the Saturday night special but I was wondering a lot how it would feel to be present there. All I can say is it is way better than I could ever have imagined. Before I head forward all I want to say is that the videos do not do justice for the singing voices the cast has. They are amazing - each and every one of them. Also no bottles of any kind were allowed inside. Our bags were checked. We heard many songs from Louden Swain. Here are the other songs we heard: Seven Nation Army by Matt Cohen (Just WOW!), You And I Both Know by Emily Swallow, How Was I to Know? by Gil McKinney, Bang Bang by Ruth Connell, A Million Reasons by Briana Buckmaster, Whipping Post by Jensen Ackles and Station Breaks by Jason Manns. We got even Singer to sing and play the harmonica. Rob also sang Fare Thee well and we had a sea full of lights for She Waits by Rob. Also Ruth can dance like a goddess and I have a picture to proove it.  


Jensen 7


2017 VanCon SNS Jensen Ackles Whipping Post by Sherry Schuderer


My husband tried to take pictures when I was yelling, clapping and cheering like no tomorrow. We had suspected that Jensen was going to sing because it is Vancouver and we also saw his bodyguard there. And when he sang, the energy and his voice - just WOW. He was like a tidal wave on stage. I could not believe what I was hearing. Well, that was actually from the entire cast. There was also some of the crew present during one song. And the atmosphere was so great. It was like a real rock concert where we could sit comfortably on our chairs. When it all was over I had almost lost my voice and it was rugged. It was raining outside and probably 100 people waiting for taxi. It took a while but we got one. Last excitement for the day was that the taxi left us a few blocks from the inn because the roads were closed further. We thought that they were filming Deadpool 2 or something but actually they do that in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday evenings to keep people safe. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in that area.


Matt 2Gil 1Emily 1


Ruth 5Briana 1Jensen 4


Jensen 5Jensen 6


Jensen 8Louden Swain 2


Louden Swain 4Louden Swain 5


Next up Third day at the con - Sunday!


Editor's Note: LK's story is being presented to you with only minimal editing. As her country of origin, home culture and distance to Vancouver is part of her convention experience, I thought it important that she be able to tell her story in her own words, without extensive English language translation revisions.