(Awkward Winchester Family Photo courtesy of @Wendy_d)

OMG!!!  What a spectacular day!  I know everyone that was at Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas today had to be freaking out, and those of us living vicariously online via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. were freaking out too!  

Today, thanks to Storify, we have tweets from several sources all sharing the joy.  First off is Bardicvoice, WFB Writer extraordinaire, who actually has the envy of us all because she got to shake Jeffrey Dean Morgan's hand in the autograph line.  Swoon and thud!  We have all her tweets from the day.  While they share a lot of good info, there was too much excitement from the Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jared and Jensen panels (with special guest Samantha Smith), for her to tweet that much.  She also wasn't at the Gold Member's panel (due to the fact she didn't have a Gold ticket), so we turned to the tweets from our very good friend Lynn at Fangasm for all the excitement there.  We also have tapped into numerous other sources too that were sharing their photos and other info on this very epic day. 

So a VERY SPECIAL thanks to @Bardicvoice, @FangasmSPN, @TheGeekiary, @Patronhippie, @FireDancr2, @WinchesterBros, @CarryOn_SPN, @Wendy_d, @tw1nsm0m and any others I may have missed whose tweets have ended up in this very long Storify list.  If anyone out there is not familiar with all the joy of the day, grab a cup of coffee, some kleenexes, and enjoy all the love that our fandom can possibly exude.  It was a banner day.  For the rest of you, it's all right here in one happy twitter collection.