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Intro from Alice:   I do love sharing these fan stories when I get them.  I remember when I shared my own story, just when I started blogging for Supernatural back in 2008, I only found the show at the beginning of season three.  I'm stunned how new fans are finding it today, often times through the daily TNT repeats.  This is one such story.  I had to honor of meeting and spending time with Nightsky at Chicago con, and her story is always so refreshing to hear.  It reminds me why I keep doing this.  Because the Supernatural fans are the greatest in the world.  

This is part one of Nightsky's story.  Part two will be up in a few days.  Enjoy!


The Journey to Becoming a Card-Carrying Supernatural Fan
Part 1,  Indoctrination

I was very hesitant about going to my first Supernatural convention.  I was a person who had traveled to different continents, had a rewarding career, raised a family. I was happy, living a normal, gratifying, respectable life, minding my own business. How could I even be thinking of going to a fan convention?  But I am getting ahead of myself.

I discovered Supernatural accidentally (if you believe anything ever happens by accident) about 6 months ago.  I saw reruns of the show one morning while I was spinning through channels and remembered my daughter telling me about it several years earlier. She said it was a good story about two guys who hunt ghosts and demons.  Yuch! I hate creepy things that keep me up at night!  Well, it was either that or CNN, so I decided to give it a try.  

At first, I was only half paying attention, but something about it pulled me in. I found I had stopped what I was doing and was watching these two brothers who were gorgeous, unassuming, sensitive, dangerous, complex and ingenuous.  They were gun toting heroes who were driven by "family". The classic rock music was my music and unlike most TV shows, I couldn't figure out the plot's "big reveal" in the first 3 minutes of the show. The next morning, I tuned in again. This happened day after day, until I realized I was completely hooked!  The reruns were somewhere in season 4, which was exciting, confusing, compelling and a little terrifying all at the same time. Who were these guys?  I could tell there was a much bigger story here, and I was intrigued. So, shedding the reticence that had previously kept me squarely rooted in the real world, I bought the entire series on DVD (the first time I had ever bought a TV show on DVD). The show was currently airing its 7thseason in prime time, so I had 6 years of captivating suspense and heart-wrenching moments ahead of me.  I caught up on the lives of "the boys" by watching 130 episodes straight!  Two to three hours of Supernatural every night. My poor family had to either watch Sam and Dean with me, or be exiled to the basement TV! 

In retrospect, I think this was the best possible way to enjoy seasons 1 through 6.  I didn't have to endure suspenseful cliff-hangers, "Hellatus", character or plot angst, or writers' strikes.  Impala gets T-boned "“ no problem.  Just start the next episode from the spot on the floor where I collapsed in shock.  Sam dies by getting stabbed in the back "“ hit "play" with the slightly tear-soaked tissues in hand.  Dean gets strung up in hell "“ gasp, breathe"¦hit play.  You get the idea.  It is not enough to say I had absolutely fallen in love with the show, no, I had become obsessed with it.  Nothing had ever captured my imagination, my dedication, like this before.

As much as I told myself to get a grip, I just couldn't shake my need to be further immersed in the SPN world. There was something going on with the show, its fans"¦and me that I didn't recognize and couldn't identify.  I needed to know more, but where to start?  

My first frustration was recognizing that everyone seemed to know things about the show, its actors, the season - really anything related to SPN - much faster than me.  How were they all so connected?  Exactly how did everyone know to vote for the People's Choice awards at exactly the right time? Why didn't I find out about Jared and Thomas being on the cover of People magazine until the issues were no longer at the newsstands?  This was no longer just about the show.  I was feeling something else going on.  There seemed to be a broader connection, a vastly interconnected world I was beginning to sense. I had to find out more.  So I Googled. And Googled. And Googled.  Which sites had interesting information and intelligent commentaries?  Which analysts gave insightful, respectful reviews? Who knew what was going ON?? 

What I found completely amazed me. Technical analyses of directing, lighting, timing and writing. Complex examination of plot arcs and mythologies based in world religions that rivaled the symbolism autopsies I had to do on Shakespeare's works back in school. I learned that I wasn't alone in my fascination with Supernatural.  There were a lot of really smart people mesmerized by this show. That, at least, was comforting. So I picked a few web sites and started reading.

This was about the time that Jared was approaching his 30thbirthday. The fans seemed to have a personal connection to Jared, Jensen and Misha (as well as several others) that was really cool.  I wanted in. From the web sites I was following thus far, it seemed that Twitter was the path through which all information was flowing.  Oh boy.  Out of necessity and blatant peer pressure I had a Facebook account, but I had never really found a use for it (I have no idea why anyone would want to know what I am doing every minute of the day!) Now, it seemed, an even faster paced social media formed the links in the chain that bound fans together. No one I knew was on Twitter, not even my kids. So if I was going to be in the middle of fandom, I would have to enter this brave new world by myself. 

I have to pause here and explain something.  I had been quite proud of the fact that in the last several years of my life, I had lived a fulfilling existence without burying myself in the technological advances that connected people electronically. Don't get me wrong - I was quite adept on the internet, instant messaging and texting. But that is where it ended.  I had a cell phone, not a smart phone. I liked to read books by turning paper pages, not scrolling down on a screen. I had been given an iPad for a gift, but I used it only for to-do lists on the "notes" tool. I didn't have "apps" or "accounts" or "screen names".  It was painfully clear though, that I wasn't going to be able to break through to the inside of the Supernatural world without upgrading"¦a lot. 

So I got myself an Apple account, learned how to add icons to my iPad, downloaded the Twitter app and taught myself the power of 140 characters. I had a deadline:  July 19.  I read the help screen and "followed" @jarpad.  My very first tweet was a heartfelt congratulations to Jared on 30 wonderfully successful years and living his dreams.  I had done it.  I was the newest member of the Supernatural fandom!  In about 3 months Supernatural had catapulted me out of my safe, familiar world into the world of iPads, apps, blogs, social media, podcasts and internet radio.  Twitter is now the second thing I check every day (the first still being email).  I know which "WinchesterFamilyBusiness" writers share my views.  I anxiously await the episode rating from the "Supernatural Review Blog".  Supernatural had done in just a few months what I had not been motivated to do for several years"¦.catch up on technology.

So now I knew what was going on as fast as any other fan around the world, and I was awed by what I saw. Something about the Supernatural fans, and the power they collectively have, inspired me.  For example, The People's Choice Awards were avalanched with votes to win Supernatural the Best TV Drama award. More than popularity contests, though, the fans could, and have, quickly organized themselves to change the world for the better. Recognizing his opportunity to harness this power, Misha founded the Random Acts charity, and with the fan's support was the first person ever to win 25,000 from a European lottery system for his charity. In the very next month, Jensen was propelled to #1, winning another 25,000€ for his Down Syndrome charity"¦ and the fans are now working to get Jared's charity to #1 for his share of the pie. When Thomas Colton was born, Jared and Genevieve were astounded by how much money was raised for St. Jude's Children's hospital, all because they requested that gifts be given to the hospital instead of sent to their home. There is even a group (Support SPN) whose mission is to help the show and its fans while raising money for charities. At a moment's notice, the worldwide fandom can be pointed in a direction, and it/they/we will accomplish amazing things.

So we have arrived at my interest in the Supernatural fan conventions.  Through Twitter, I heard stories of the worldwide conventions.  I felt the excitement shared by the fans before, during and after they got together.  I started following links to YouTube clips, which led to watching longer clips, which led to doing searches for entire panel talks, which led to (have you guessed yet?) adding YouTube to my iPad and getting my very own YouTube account.  I became familiar with the uniqueness of each city's conventions, and the best (and worst) questions asked by fans. I would have thought that I was beyond being surprised by anything SPN, but I was once again amazed at the thought and care Jared and Jensen put into their answers. They were honest, personal and open with their fans.  I guess I expected standard, practiced answers, but no matter how many times the same question was asked, they were attentive, polite and sincere.  Who were these guys? How long could I hold out without seeing them in person? 

I have tried to analyze the show's strange magnetism many times.  I know that it motivates me, entertains me and inspires me.  I have become completely absorbed by the Winchester brothers' pain, fears, doubts, loyalties, triumphs and courage to keep going against all odds because a part of me has experienced so many of the same emotions in the privacy of my own heart and mind (albeit not with real demons, monsters, heaven or hell but with the more recognizable challenges of living life).  But go to a convention?? Admit my dedication to a compelling fictional story, imagined characters, and oh yeah, two amazing actors??  What was wrong with me?  How could I even be considering such an indulgent use of much-needed paychecks? What had happened to the practical, responsible, type-A family member I had always been?  Picture a house in the suburbs, SUV in the garage, dog in the backyard. Was I really ready to be seen at a fan convention of any type?  I may have joined the Supernatural wave, but I was ready for the big plunge into fandom? 

Maybe I could find a way to test the waters and judge if it was safe to go in.  Chicago is my home town, so I rationalized that I wouldn't have to spend the money to travel to a remote convention location.  I could go home each night, further reducing costs, but more importantly, holding onto that life preserver of sanity and familiarity I needed.  I peeked at one and two day admission prices, thinking I wouldn't be totally committed to the whole convention, but the people I wanted to see and the parties I wanted to attend were strategically spread across all three days. So I priced out a silver ticket, which would at least guarantee me a place to sit in the totally unfamiliar universe I was entering. I had controlled the experiment as much as I could.  So feeling guilty, embarrassed, crazy and uncertain, I dug deep for some courage of my own and bought a ticket to ChiCon. 

Get the rest of the story! Part II - The Convention Experience



# YhelloKB 2012-11-25 19:57
Nightsky - So glad you joined the Fandom, and Twitter and everything else SPN! I have had an identical experience to yours in the last year, and have also recently had my eyes opened to all things connected to this amazing show. It is magnetic and potentially a game changer for anyone who has become addicted. You write about the experience so beautifully - can't wait for your next installment to to see if it also matches my tenetative peek at a convention last spring in my hometown.
# winmomwannabe 2012-11-25 20:02
Wow! This is almost like reading my own thoughts! Having started watching last spring also, on TNT, after some co-workers and a friend talked about the show. It was season 5 or 6 I think and although I was confused, I was drawn in.

I got a smart phone so I could get Twitter! And to check on the sites when not at home. Since my husband totally doesn't get it and unfortunately is not so nice about accusing me of being obsessed! But, I'm going to Vegas Con and can't wait. I have watched every YouTube video from cons I could find all summer also. And like you, had NEVER bought DVD's of a TV show, but got them all shortly after I started watching. And you are right. It was great to watch in succession.

thanks for making me not feel like such a nut since your story almost mirrors mine. I can't wait to hear about your Chicago con. I wanted to go to that one, but needed more time to save money! Craziest thing I've ever done and am sharing it with another 'mature' friend who has watched since the show began.

Great post!
# aelaine 2012-11-25 20:09
What a great story! I could have written the same words in finding and becoming enthralled with Supernatural! It seems anyone who really stops and watches the show will have a predictable outcome! I have never bought a TV series on DVD or used twitter, watched You Tube, before this year! Haven't been to a Convention yet but it is on my list! Congrats on going I bet you had a blast! Thanks, looking forward to your next installment.
# eilf 2012-11-25 20:58
Hah, me too, exactly, except for the suburbs bit and the ability to afford to go to a con. I watch TV shows while doing other things, I am so familiar with the conventions of TV that I know what is going to happen next so I don't need to concentrate.

Not with SPN

Instead of doing other stuff while it was on in the background there I was, chin in hands, inches from the laptop screen, concentrating (of course it doesn't hurt that the person you are concentrating on is so close to the camera their face is lifesize - i mean you can see they are wearing contact lenses, or the moment their eyes well up with tears...but I digress).

This has been an amazing experience for me too. I love the con videos on youtube almost as much as the show (they are pretty much endless, whereas you run out of episodes occasionally). I found a whole new set this week from 2007 subtitled into Portugese!

Maybe I will get to go to a con some day and meet some of this new family.
# swapnil 2012-11-26 00:27
This story so much reminds me of my story of watching Supernatural. I started watching the show in January of this year only. Whatever you want to call it, destiny or pure luck, I switched my Tv one afternoon and while flipping channels, I came across this show and can you believe it, that was the Pilot, though I didn't know that at that time.
I watched that episode just for timepass and had no intention of watching it again as I am not a fan of horror. Nonetheless, I tuned for the next episode too as the ending of that episode and the brother's bonding got me hooked (not to ignore the fact that the guys were just too good looking).
After watching two three episodes, I was totally into it. I searched all about the show. All information there was to take. And watched all the seasons upto season 7.
There was nothing about the show which I didn't know.
And now as I am tuning into 8th season, I myself don't realise that I started watching this show this year only.

Now Supernatural has become a part of my life.
After the finale of 7th season, I have survived hellatus while reading all the articles related to show.

This has been an amazing experience for me. And I love to watch all the con videos on youtube and on this site. This site has become a must visit for me each day. All I can say that I have never been hooked to anything before like I am hooked to Supernatural .
penny Jaime
# penny Jaime 2012-11-26 00:29
We all started somewhere. I found the fan following for the show, and the conventions when I got my laptop & finally got on the internet 01/2011. I was hooked on the show for years, but wasn't aware how much others were as well. Once I saw the con videos, I HAD to go myself
# Trucklady 2012-11-26 00:42
Alice, thank you for sharing this story. I, like others on here, had almost the exact same experience and I will be attending my first con in March for the Vegas one. I also have all seasons on DVD and just watched S7 this weekend again due to withdrawals from no new episode this past Wednesday night. I get made fun of by most of my family members because of my obsession with the show and all that is involved with it with the exception of my one grandson. He has gotten just as invested to the show and the boys and he will be attending the convention in Vegas with me. I was lucky enough to score a photo op with Jared for us and really wanted to get one of the "boys sandwich" one but of course that one was all sold out. I just received my copy of The Essential Supernatural on the Road With Sam and Dean Winchester and what an awesome, very large book that is with lots of little extra inserts. I have all the Companions also and recommend them highly to go along with the DVDs. Me obsessed, that's an understatement and proud of it. I'm so glad to read articles like this that reassure me that I have not lost my mind and I am not in need of a life because I am not alone. Thanks to all of you out there that love this show and these boys as much as I do.
# Trucklady 2012-11-26 00:50
I forgot to add that I also won three of the auctions this year and the money was distributed by half of the proceeds going to Circle F Horse Rescue Society in Abbotsford, BC, and the other half going to A Dog’s Life Rescue in Los Angeles via
Support Supernatural. So like I said, obsessed, you betcha!!!
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2012-11-26 07:38
It is amazing what this "little show that could" can do to us, no?

I found the show much like you, on TNT, and before I realized what had happened it had sucked me in and captivated me like no show has ever before.

Chicago Con was my two year anniversary of being a fan and it was a lot of fun to see all the fans.

When they call us the Supernatural Family, I believe it. We are that. It's amazing how much good we can do through a collective effort for charity.

I look forward to hearing your take on the Con!
# Darya 2012-11-26 08:08
Nightsky- great story! I'm so going to do my own very soon.
I knew Supernatural existed since 2005, thanks to my brother who wouldn't let me watch it then because I was 11 at the time. I finally got around to watching it mid way through Season 6 when a second channel began reruns of Season 1 through 5, and gosh, I'm so obsessed.

Living in India means I will never get to go for conventions, but that doesn't stop me! I've got a network of friends who record the whole thing on video, so I don't feel infinitely left out. I love that there are "smart people fascinated with the show" and I love reading the reviews, especially here. I'm such a boyish girl that I'm totally surprising myself by also turning into a Fangirl and voting away for Jared, Jensen and the SPN family at People's Choice, an award show I'm aware of only because of SPN. I found so much classic rock because of the show (because, seriously, no one seems to know Rush or Styx or AC/DC where I'm from) for the first time ever, I actually bothered to find out all the names of the people in the show and behind it- the writers, the directors....ev en the families of the stars, and I've never done that with any other show. I even wake up at 5 in the morning on Thursdays to get the newest episode on iPad as quick as possible.

Where I live, we don't get the DVDs at stores and shipping is way too expensive, so I have to make do with torrents. Just watched the Pilot and the first four episodes this last weekend. I started watching from Skin, so when that came on, I couldn't help but grin like a fool. (and notice that the stupid channel i first saw it on had cut out all the grossest, coolest parts)

Can't wait to hear about your convention experience :)
# st50 2012-11-26 08:28
I feel somewhat like I just took a look in a mirror! Who is that? Do I know you? Is that me?? LOL.

Funny how so many of us have had such similar experiences with this show!

I haven't yet made it to a con. I'd love to, and I know my husband would be supportive, but... it seems extravagant, and I'd probably die (believe it or not, I'm deathly shy)...

Luckily, my husband laughs at my Supernatural obsession, knows not to get between me and the TV when it's on, and asks me daily what's new on twitter and the site. What a guy!

Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to Part 2!
# dinkwerks 2012-11-26 11:15
I'm with you st50....I would love to go to a CON, but they are terribly expensive....if they would do DragonCon in Atlanta, I think I might be able to make that one....but still am upset at the cost. I am almost in my 60's and like you would probably die from embarssment to talk to any of the stars.
# st50 2012-11-26 11:21
Ha ha, dinkwerks, I hear you. It's too expensive.

(And I wasn't even talking about the stars... That would definitely kill me. Just the crowds! Yikes! WAY outside my comfort zone. I'll just hide here behind my computer screen. LOL)
# dinkwerks 2012-11-26 13:11
Same here, lurking behind my computer screen...drooli ng over the J2's, so uncouth for a woman my age (LOL)
# st50 2012-11-26 13:19
Same here, lurking behind my computer screen...drooling over the J2's, so uncouth for a woman my age (LOL)
It's their fault for being so damn perfect! *joins you in uncouth drooling* :oops:
And at least there's plenty of company in lurkerdom. :-)
# nightsky 2012-11-26 13:33
I feel somewhat like I just took a look in a mirror! Who is that? Do I know you? Is that me?? LOL.
st50: I am so happy that you can identify with what I've experienced so far! Thank you for you kind words! When I was going through this phase of my "fan indoctrination", it really helped me to hear similar stories, too. I found my inspiration at the "Fangasm" website, when I read the stories of the two college professors who became fans.

I haven't yet made it to a con. I'd love to, and I know my husband would be supportive, but... it seems extravagant, and I'd probably die (believe it or not, I'm deathly shy)...

Luckily, my husband laughs at my Supernatural obsession, knows not to get between me and the TV when it's on, and asks me daily what's knew on twitter and the site. What a guy!
There was a paragraph in the second part of my story that thanked my husband for his support as well. I ultimately deleted it (at his request), but it said in part, "I need to mention that I would never have been at the convention at all if my husband hadn't been completely supportive of the whole experience. He was the person that convinced me to go in the first place...." If his reaction to my new interest had been condescending or judgmental, I know I could not have come this far. Frankly, most of the rest of my friends and family are still leery. How can we expect them to understand if we don't understand this ourselves?? That is why is was SO great to meet peers at the convention (After the 2nd part of the story is posted, I will tell you more about this).

Since not everyone can go to a con, we need to support each other through these websites! Carry on! If you are crazy, so are the rest of us, but it feels good! I am anxious for you to read the rest of my story. Please tell me what you think!
# st50 2012-11-26 13:42

Frankly, most of the rest of my friends and family are still leery.
Thank goodness for supportive husbands!

Shh... the rest of my friends and family (aside from my daughters) don't know I'm obsessed with this! Don't tell them!! LOL


Since not everyone can go to a con, we need to support each other through these websites! Carry on! If you are crazy, so are the rest of us, but it feels good! I am anxious for you to read the rest of my story. Please tell me what you think!
I AM crazy, I'll admit it. :-*
And I will definitely let you know what I think of Part 2. Who knows? Maybe you'll be my inspiration to go to a Con. There are a few site members I'd love to meet someday....
Yeah, not likely to happen. :P
# galen 2012-11-26 09:48
I got hooked from the pilot and never loooked back. It wasn't until I reconnected with a friend and introduced her to the show and the fabulous J2 that she said let's go to a fan convention ---- that I said ok. Like you all I am a middle aged executive who would never have imagined going to Las Vegas a year ago. My family thinks its great and I am going with a great friend. Thank you Supernatural for restoring my sense of adventure
# nightsky 2012-11-26 13:47
It is great to read that so many of you have had almost identical experiences! I thought I was alone in my late acceptance of the series on DVD, Twitter, blogs, etc. I can't believe that even that part of the fan experience is the same! This is really so eerie!

I haven't yet been able to convince any of my friends to join me in this interest (I bought the series for one friend, but she hasn't started watching it yet). So before I went to the con, I made sure I would connect with some people there. I will tell you all more about that after the second part of the story...

Keep those stories coming! The more we hear, the more we know this is a GOOD thing!
sharon pence
# sharon pence 2012-11-26 14:00
So happy to read this and all the follow up comments and know I am not alone at my advanced age of this wonderful addiction.

It is like a drug. I just cannot get enough and also bought all the seasons last year when I discovered it thru a friend.I actually have almost wore some episodes out and just bought a couple of seasons on BluRay .

I even went to Vancon this summer and am still in a dither about meeting the boys and can still feel Jensen on my hand I swear thru his very light shirt . They were both so sweet and it was wonderful to meet the fans. I was amazed at the fans from other countries and the expense they went thru to get there , such dedication.

I was thrilled to meet Bardivoice because I had discovered her great commentaries , I am missing her of late I gather she is a very busy woman.
# st50 2012-11-26 14:06
I agree, chrisgranny!
I'm missing Bardicvoice, and I really hope she has time to review again soon. I think she said in the New Year, perhaps. :)
Congrats on getting to a con and meeting the guys! I go to Vancouver fairly often, but not for a con - yet.
# nightsky 2012-11-27 10:21
Next time, schedule your visit to Vancouver at a time that just happens to coincide with a convention! No extra travel costs that way! I hear there are often clandestine trips to filming sites during conventions, too! It is a very special con city!
# winmomwannabe 2012-11-27 00:30

It is like a drug.
That is so funny. My friend came for a visit and we had a 14 episode marathon. When she left she said she felt like my 'dealer' for introducing the show to me and seeing how quickly I became addicted! She also showed me a couple of the web sites and it was all over when I posted my first ever comment on a blog!

I am so glad the show is on TNT or I would have worn out some DVD's by now. Recording my favs is a must for quick access on the TV upstairs, where I don't have a DVD player! And I RARELY watch a movie twice or any show again. It's totally a magnet.

Trucklady. I hope to meet you in Vegas!
# Trucklady 2012-11-27 11:05
I would love to meet you winmomwannabe in Vegas. I think it will be great to finally put some faces to all the names that I converse with on here. We'll have to discuss this further.
# Lynn 2012-11-27 00:17
It's wonderful to see your story here -- I'm so glad you decided to share it! We 'mature' fangirls need to stick together :)

I'm thrilled you discovered SPN fandom through Fangasm -- and I'm thrilled to have spent some quality time with you at the Chicago Con and to have met your lovely family. Your generosity in welcoming me into your home when I was stranded there after the hurricane is what fandom is all about. Keep writing, gf!

Lynn from Fangasm
# dinkwerks 2012-11-27 07:48
Is Fangasm a blog? That's what I came up when I googled it. Looked interesting. Is there someway (and I may have missed this) that can list the website and blogs of Supernatural sites?
# nightsky 2012-11-27 10:17
Is Fangasm a blog? That's what I came up when I googled it. Looked interesting.
Fangasm is a Supernatural website. Every few weeks they post an interview or some other interesting insider info about our favorite cast and crew. The articles are always fun to read. I learn about new posts by following them on Twitter (@FangasmSPN). Fangasm is also a soon-to-be-published book. You can learn more about their books on their website.

Is there someway (and I may have missed this) that can list the website and blogs of Supernatural sites?
There is a great list about 2/3 of the way down on the Home page of this (WFB) website. Look on the left side of the screen. They are all live links. I can't say if it is a complete list, but it is certainly more than enough to keep fans busy! That is where I started.
# dinkwerks 2012-11-27 16:19
Yes, thanks for the info....I found it and have acutally scoped out some of the sites....
# Fluffy2107 2012-11-27 08:38
Just had a funny Fangirl moment.

I work at an IT COmpany as procurement admin for a coporate customer. Yes, I´m in sales.
Our technical manager just gave me a quick workshop on some really tricky contract management stuff and saw my wallpaper of Crowley with our company sales departement joke on it. ( yes, we have one. Punch line: Phone calls from hell to hell are free of charge!)

He looked at me, grinned and said: Oh, you´re one of them too!

Looks like half staff at our main offices spend their lunch break discussing Supernatural.
# FoolForDean 2012-11-27 12:23
Arrrgh!!!!!!!!! !!! This is exactly how I got hooked!! Thank goodness for TNT reruns. I must say I've seen the ads on the WB in the early days, and thought to myself, "Male version of Charmed? No thank you."

And then 5 years later, I was feeding my baby on sunny summer day and watching Charmed reruns on TNT. SPN came on and I had no way of changing the chanel because I was stuck with the baby, so I left it on. Thought it was interesting but hated the gore. The next time this happens, which is the second time I see SPN, the episode was Bedtime Stories. I was beyond intrigued - who the heck was that Crossroads demon that only got 2 minutes of screen time at the end? Why was Dean going to hell? WHAT terrible crime had he done?

And before I knew it, I was googling. Then I was on Wikipedia, and Facebook, and DVRing every episode. And then 2 a day wasn't enough, so yes - I got the DVD's for seasons one through 5. And caught up with the whole series by the time "Exile on Mainstreet" aired for the first time. Websites, youtube, fanfic, Sam-jokes (SW is so smart he could divide by 0, twice), Dean-jokes (DW visited the Virgin Islands, now they're just "the Islands").... You name it, I did it - because I craved more. It wasn't enough, nothing was enough. I would watch it all day and still it wasn't enough...

So yeah, it wouldn't be an understatement to say that this has become my own personal brand of heroin! (No, I'm not really a twilight fan - no room in my heart for anything but SPN).

And that whole thing about being a grown woman, a professional with a respectable career, raising a family, being a proactive figure in the community - HOW COULD I ACT LIKE TEENAGE GIRL about this!!! Yeah, didn't matter. I did. I do. Can't help it.

And I've seen found that there are MANY others with VERY respectable credits who will act like teenage girl when it comes to SPN. Good to know I'm in good company.

So to everyone upthread and everyone reading this - because you wouldn't be here if you didn't feel the same way - Cheers, to Supernatural!
# dinkwerks 2012-11-27 12:33
:-x YES!!! fistpump from the old lady. Actually, I didn't find Supernatural until this I have Season 1 thru 7, books and books on my kindle fire. I found the fanfiction sites (blush) and other sites and pictures (Oh boy!!).
Karen Graham
# Karen Graham 2012-11-28 04:19
It has been so cool to read this blog and all the comments. I've been a fan of the show since it first began airing (in Australia) and had to endure an extended 'hellatus' when the network here decided to take it off for about 18 months (halfway through season 5). That's when I got into downloading, so I didn't have to wait anymore.

I didn't really discover how cool the SPN fandom was until about a year ago. I was in Vancouver visiting my brother (who lives there) and I thought it would be cool to see some locations. So I got online and began doing some google searches. Through Twitter & some of the fans, I managed to find out that they were actually filming the next day in New Westminster. I was so lucky to catch a glimpse of Jared & Jensen filming a couple of scenes (episode 7 of season 7). I still can't believe it!

Since then I've become totally obsessed - I love watching the convention videos and reading as many reviews of the show as I can manage. Most of my friends and family think I'm nuts because I talk about SPN all the time... I'm discovering my 'inner-geek' in my mid-forties instead of my twenties.

Next year, I'm returning to Vancouver to go to VanCon. I'm going on my own & I admit I'm a little bit nervous as I'm not an extrovert. And I do wonder if I'll be the oldest one there. But I'm also very excited because it seems to me that the stars of the show & the fans are all like one big happy family. I really can't wait.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I'm going to read part 2.
Karen Graham
# Karen Graham 2012-11-28 04:45
I also meant to say that I've written a blog about the day I saw Supernatural being filmed & it's full of my insecurities about whether I'm 'too old' - it's called Supernatural, Twitter and the Reluctant Groupie.

Here's the link if anyone feels like a giggle.

I should add that I'm actually a travel writer, so I very rarely get the opportunity to write about SPN. This was just a bit of fun. Cheers!
# Sylvie 2012-11-28 15:01
How I love reading these stories. Thank you for sharing Nightsky. We all have one common thread and that is our love of all things related to SPN. Young, old, suburbanite, family or no, it doesn't matter, we are the greatest fandom ever! I've watched the show from it's inception, but I only found the fandom three years ago through the WFB, and I'm so glad I have, because now I can see I'm not the only one with this obsession. It's like AA, I have people I can talk to about it now! :D And for that I thank you all.
# ryder21 2012-11-28 22:38
Hi, my name is Linda and I have been a Supernatural Addict for eleven months. I had been aware of the show before and had watched it when it was on, but when browsing in the video store late last year I picked up Season 5 and that was my fatal mistake.
I then bought all the DVD's, magazines, books - anything that I could get my hands on.
Such is the level of my craving and addiction that my garden is dying from neglect, my bathroom could really do with a good clean (true story!) because of my all consuming need to get my fix whenever I have a spare moment.
How has this happened! I am a professional woman with three grown children, one husband, a dog and two goldfish.
I live in Australia and did not go to the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention in May, as I was still a new addict and couldn't see myself fangirling at my age.
But finding like minded people and internet sole mates has made me accept this debilitating addiction, and if ever there is another Australian convention I will be there with bells on.
I too have become more computer literate since my obsession kicked in; I have a youtube account, relentlessly peruse the internet -including fanfiction (i know!) and tumblr - and am currently toying with twitter. I had never participated in any chats on the internet before I found The WFB.
Thanks Nightsky for allowing me to see that others are like me and we can function in real life while feeding our Supernatual obsession.
Karen Graham
# Karen Graham 2012-11-28 23:05
Hi Linda,
Where do you live in Australia? There is another 'All Hell Breaks Loose' convention in June next year. It's one day in Sydney and one day in Melbourne. They've got an awesome list of guests, although not J&J (yet). I'm still hoping they'll be announced.

I'm taking my 14-year-old nephew to the Melbourne event, which will hopefully get me in practice for the three day convention in Vancouver (which I'm also going to). So, if you end up going to the Melbourne one I'd be happy to meet up with you.
# ryder21 2012-11-29 02:19
Karen, thank you so much for the offer, consider it taken up. I live in the Gold Coast, but have a brother in Melbourne that I can crash with. I have been looking at your blog and as an amature photographer myself I gushed over you photos (looked at the ones of Supernatural first though, duh). Do you know how I can get my email address to you so we can fan girl and plan?
Karen Graham
# Karen Graham 2012-11-29 02:31
Hi Linda,

I think if you make a comment on my blog (maybe my SPN one...haha) I should be able to see your email (because you have to put your email in to comment). It doesn't publish it for everyone to see but I'm pretty sure I can then find it on my admin page.

I'm also on twitter @kgrahamjourney s so you could follow me & then I can direct message you my email address.

That's so cool that you're going to come to Melbourne. Can I convince you to come to Vancouver too :)

Cheers, Karen
# ryder21 2012-11-29 03:41
Hey Karen,
I am going to comment on your blog (yes, of course the Supernatural one) right now. I don't have a twitter yet, but have been inspired to get one, will be joining you and the fandom in cyberspace soon.
I am like a fangirl now that I have made up my mind to go to Melbourne, as for Vancouver - I'm afraid at this moment I can only dream :cry: , maybe one day.
Cheers, Linda
# ryder21 2012-11-29 04:40
Scrap last sentence for the moment (hmm, kinda), have caught the bug and am researching Vancouver as I type this.
# PaintedWolf 2012-11-29 04:59
NightSky, what a lovely article. I've been a fan of this show for over 6 years now, and although I've never been to a convention yet (not that that stops me wanting to), I find that I, too, am surprised and amazed by this show, it's characters, the fans, and pretty much everyone involved, almost on a daily basis. I've never pinpointed any specific reason for loving this show, just that I often feel it fills in so many small little holes in my life, and when I let it, I was amazed by how quickly and easily it snuck into my heart and has remained there ever since.
I've actually been reading quite a bit about SPN fandom especially lately, and it's just made me appreciate even more being a part of it all.
# nightsky 2012-11-29 11:26
Paintedwolf, I agree with everything you said. I thought I understood so much of the fandom, then I started reading everyone's comments to my articles. I have been amazed all over again! Such a wonderful surprise! So many touching moments and gracious comments. Your reaction to Part 2 was especially nice. Thank you for sharing it!
# PaintedWolf 2012-12-03 04:26
Hi again, nightsky, what can I say, I get all misty every now and then. This show and the fandom can do that to me. :-)