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These Jared and Jensen con panels are usually memorable each time they happen, and this time was no exception.  We laughed, we cried, we got to see firsthand what happens with Jensen Ackles snaps.  Here's how it all went down.  

Every single time, an interesting video is always shown before the J&J panel.  The one that most strikes my memory last time was the slash hinted, “Because You Love Me.”  I remember Jared’s corny line “We’re everything we are because you love us.”  So, what video was used this time?  “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” shworing all the behind the scenes bloopers from season 1.  My favorite scene was Jared flipping out in the final scene of “Devil’s Trap” and Jeffrey Dean Morgan laughing his ass off.  
Jared and Jensen came on stage with a pretty low key entrance.  They noticed the video though.  “Nothing Supernatural like you’ve got a friend in me.  Jeez,” said Jensen. 
Also, I have the patented Jared Padalecki hair report.  Today’s hair:  Frizzy!  Wavy, fluffy, and out of control.   

(all photos courtesy of @Kerry_Morrow)
Jared had technical difficulties from the get-go.  His microphone isn’t working.  Then he very ungracefully tried to introduce members of the crew that were in the audience today.  “You’re on a roll today,” Jensen joked.  Jared then asked how many were first timers and a healthy show of hands went up.  “Welcome.  Sorry about Sebastian.  And Misha.”
First up was a little girl that charmed both the boys.  “What do you do when you’re not doing your movies?”  Jared tries to spend time with his wife.  Jensen scoffed at him, calling that obvious.  “We like to sleep a lot.”
Is there any episode they can relate to in their real lives?  Jared - “The one when I played Lucifer.”  That got a few laughs and a strange look from Jensen.  Jared also brought up the, “If you know me, you know I’m not leaving my brother alone out there” line from the S6 finale.  Jensen thought of something.  “I was going to say the whole Western episode.”
The most awesome Director of Photography Serge Ladoucer walked in, earning him a shout out from Jared and Jensen.  Jensen - “The talent is endless with him.”  Jared - “And he dodges bullets.”  Jensen - “He’s our Jedi.”  
The next person does the common, “My question is for Jensen.”  Jared - “Sounds like a stupid question.”  He then asks her “What’s it like working with Jared?”  “That’s a stupid question,” Jensen blurts.  EVENTUALLY, she gets to ask the question, asking Jensen if he tries to layout or picture the scene before shooting it.  Yes, when he reads the script, he visualizes how he’d want to watch it.  Then takes the idea to Serge.  He thinks a lot about the shots when he’s doing the shot list.  
A woman starts with mentioning how manly they are on the show and both Jensen and Jared stand up and start doing all sorts of macho poses.  Absolutely hilarious!  I do think I fell out of my chair.  The question ended up being about the scenes that aren’t so manly.  I’m not sure if the question really got answered, but apparently when they do things like comedy episodes and less “manly” scenes, they’re adding to the depth of the characters.   
I’m not entirely sure what the question was, but I love this quote.  “We’ve had so many episodes now, were on 131.  Thanks guys,” Jared said, getting a huge response from the crowd.
Someone asked for their reaction to June Vancouver riots.  Jensen (joking) - “I got a 60 inch flat screen.”  Jared (joking) - “I’ve been watching it.”  Now for the serious answer.  They weren’t here for that.  Jensen thought it was sad to see, considering he’s known people here for 10 years.  The crew were really upset.  Jared knows it was just a few jerks and they were making the whole place look bad. 
Since the riots happened during the Stanley cup, the sore subject of hockey came up.  Jensen - “I don’t get it, this whole skating on water with a stick thing.”  Jared just chose to speak Canadian.  “Youze guys, eh?”
The guys were asked if they did anything for Misha’s birthday.  Jared said that he sent him a tweet really late.  Misha’s response?  “Man that sucks, it is my birthday.  You’re the first person to text me.”  Jensen - “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

(all photos courtesy of @Kerry_Morrow)
I don’t know why the inflatable duck came up, but it did.  Jensen was acting pretty bitter!    Jared - “They probably had to drenched it in bleach after Sebastian was done with it.”  Jensen - “I wanted to kill it.” 
Jensen snores over Jared’s question.  In a burning question that people have been even asking me about, they wanted to know what happened to Jared when he tweeted that he had an incident at customs getting back into the country.  He got pulled over at the airport by customs at immigration.  He wasn’t feeling any love sitting in the cold hard steel room.  He felt like he was bullied and needed some support from the twitter fans.  He got it!
When did they decide to do this acting thing?  Jared - “When I was on Days of our Lives.”  Oh yeah, we laughed, especially when the fan mentioned she didn’t recall him being on that.  He did give a cool quote from Kim Manners though when describing how fortunate he feels after being in this business for 12 years.  “There’s a secret club and someone’s given me the key.”  “The Gilmore Girls” was only supposed to be 4 episodes.  They kept asking him back and next thing he knows he’s there for a whole season.  “I got a TV, something to play Nintendo on.”  Jensen - “It was Days of Our Lives for me.” 
INCIDENT ALERT!!!!!  Aka, me falling out of my chair #2
As Jensen was trying to answer the question, the big source of entertainment this weekend, the giant inflatable and horribly molested duck, appeared on stage.  Jensen immediately jumped up, grabbed the duck, pulled a knife out of his pocket and started slashing!  No mercy whatsoever!  The duck mades all sorts of popping noises and deflated, while Jared stood in the back pretty stunned over what was happening here (not to say he wasn’t enjoying it).  Finally Jensen threw the remnants of the duck away and took his seat.  
Jared was still standing in his spot, not sure what to say.  “I’m not scared of Vancouver, I’m scared of him.” 
“What happened? I blacked out,” Jensen said.  Jared sat down and tried to comfort Jensen, who was a little traumatized and trying to pull everything together.  “I didn’t expect him to come up behind me like that.”  Jared offered more support, telling him it’s okay.  “I didn’t know the safe word.  It smelled like Sebastian.”  Jared had sound advice.  “You better wash your knife.” 
Somehow, Jensen was able to get back to the question.  He stuck with “Days of Our Lives” because he signed a 3 year contract.  His mother on the show wouldn’t let him sign on for more after 3 years though, saying he’s going places.  What did he buy himself?  A new truck.    
They were asked about their experiences working with the babies on “Two and a Half Men.”  Jensen - “You can’t direct a baby, unless his name is Jared.  Large baby.”  They had several different babies to work with, one was perfect, one cried, and they were never predictable.  
Do they remember any randoms acts of kindness that they’ve received.  Jensen - “In my life, or today?”  “I’m certain they’ve happened” said Jared even though he couldn’t recall anything.  Jensen - “Slashing the duck, it was very gratifying.”  
What was their most intense emotional scene?  They both realized they haven’t had one in a while.  Jared - “Heart.”  Jensen remembered how upset Jared was after that one.  His was “Heaven and Hell,” he had to walk off on that one.  Jensen said the mind knows it isn’t real, but the body does.  Jared said he was weeping in the first couple of takes during the scene when he was talking with Dean after being infected in “Croatoan.”  He got really upset.  Bob Singer told him to pull it in. 
What are their favorite authors and books.  Jared had a really long answer for The Great Gatsby and Jon Krakauer.  Jensen - “You don’t want to ask me that question.  I’m reading a book about the Dallas Cowboys right now.” 
Do they like voice over work?  Jensen - his father does it.  It’s not easy to break into it but he likes it.  The anime was much different.  The animation was already done in Japanese.  They had to synch their words to the movement of the mouths and that was challenging.  Would they do it again?  Yes.
They were asked about the differences in the demon smoke.  It’s up to the director’s discretion.  Serge Ladoucer was able to confirm it was scripted and they had to give it a couple of beats with their mouths hanging open.  
The fan also mentioned that she had memorized the exorcism.  “Good for you!” Jensen said very sarcastically.  He shared a story that recently someone had to give her spell in Romanian and had trouble doing it.  Jensen told her it doesn’t compare to his two pages of Latin.  “When I see that in the script I’m not excited.”  Jared on the other hand studied Latin so it’s easier for him.    
Jensen was asked about how he felt about Dean’s relationship for Ben and Lisa.  He said it was obvious that wasn’t going to work.  “When you’ve gone through the things that Sam and Dean have gone through, there’s no going back.”  Jared thinks that a quick death will be the best ending.  “Do you want us to come back in 10 years to do a film that tanks?”  Jensen asks incredulously.  Audience didn’t seem to mind.  
I died laughing over this one, just because I remember these videos.  A fan wants Jensen to turn his look from “After School Special” into a workout video.  He clarified that he was supposed to put on his gym gear and do a 80’s Jane Fonda type workout video.  “Jim, we can make that happen, right?”  JIm Michaels (who was in the audience) - “We’ll get Richard Simmons to do it with you.”  Jensen - “No.”  
Fans brought their zombie apocalypse ducks for the pond.  “Don’t let them near Jensen, or he’ll stab them,” Jared warned.  “There was a zombie apocalypse for ducks?  I didn’t know that.”  Jensen said.  
How heartbreaking will season 7 be?  Jared doesn’t know, but they’re optimistic about a season 8.  
What was their “glad it’s not me scene?”  Jensen - the Japanese Game show.  “Pudding!’ a fan yells.  Jared confessed that was Sam’s line.  Jared thought Dean would do it better.  Jared was also sad that the “genital herpes” bit has been edited online because it’s no longer a joke.   
Someone wondered if the “suicide note” from “Point of No Return” was scripted.  Jensen doesn’t remember writing the note, but thinks it was something the props department gave him to copy. 
Jared delivered a nice message for fans in Japan.  
Which Dallas Cowboys book is Jensen reading?  The glory days in the 90’s.  
I LOVE the answers that came out of this question.  Someone wanted to know what their food quirks were.  Yes, you know Jared’s going to have something good there.  Jensen started though, he puts peanut butter on his pancakes.  Jared - “I want weirder.  I want to see him eat chalk.”  Then Jared gave his answer.  “I eat a lot of canned tuna.”  Jensen - “That’s not weird enough.”  Jared -  “I eat chalk.”  
It gets weirder, because Jared thinks of something.  He’ll eat the tail on coconut shrimp.  Gen was watching Paula Deen (though Jensen believes it was him) and somehow they ended up with a deep fryer.  “I deep fried a kit-kat and ate it.  I deep fried a cupcake.  Then she took the fryer away with me.”  Jensen added to that.  “You know what they’re doing at the state fair in Texas.  Deep fried butter.  Don’t mess with Texas, they’ll deep fry anything.”  
SOMEHOW, this led into another disturbing reality show that Jensen had been watching recently.  “I saw this show about weird people.”  Jared had the quick answer.  “It’s called Supernatural.”
The crowd knew what he was talking about, “My Strange Addiction.”  He said this lady ate foam from couches.  She ate about 7 couches in her lifetime.  She gave it up and then ate her bra.  “Was it deep fried?”  Jared asked.    
What was the most awkward thing on they’ve seen the set?  Jared - “Having to see Jensen in that outfit when he’s the gym teacher.”  Jensen - “My first scene with Misha was really weird.  Is he really going to talk like that?”
Then Jensen remembers another scene, something he’s shared before.  It’s from “Monster Movie.”  He’s dressed in full traditional lederhosen, Todd Stashwick was in full dracula costume with the white makeup.  Jensen is strapped to the table.  Todd comes up to him, leans over and says, “We’re grown men.”  
That was all for the panel.  No more ducks were harmed this day, although we are a little worried what’s going to happen to all the duckies when they make their way back to the set in Burnaby.  We hope that Clif Kosterman has their back and has taken all knives away from Jensen.  


# Elisa 2011-08-29 04:04
Thanks for this :P
# Kirsten 2011-08-29 04:40
Thank you!

So, do you think that Jensen was really that angry? Looking at the pictures, I would be led to think so. But, what could've provoked him?
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-08-29 06:32
Sounds like the whole panel was a huge blast. Thanks for giving us a full run down here, Alice. It felt like being there.

I love how playful they are, but what strikes me even more is just how humble they are. All the joking (and duck murdering) aside, they take the time to be serious and say thanks to the fans. That's a touching gesture.

I am pleased that they seem to be so optimistic about a possible season 8. Let's hope that they're right.

I hope you have a safe travel home from the Con, Alice.
# sn_chills 2011-08-29 08:07
Another great Con that will live in Infamy. Yea for talking about season 8 already. Crosses fingers.
# Sylvie 2011-08-29 08:17
Thanks for sharing Alice, sounds like everyone had a blast...except for the murdered duck that is. Onward to the next Salute to SPN!
# Airbat 2011-08-29 14:19
Thanks for the rap up! It makes us poor souls, who were unable to attend, like we've been there!
Glad, you had so much fun.
# Claire63 2011-08-29 18:09
Thank you for your report - I particularly enjoyed your description of Jensen murdering the duck - it made me laugh out loud at the end of a bad day! You've gotta love those guys!
# subwoofer 2011-08-29 18:44
Yeah, I'm hoping they make it to season 8, but after both guys going to hell, stopping The End of the World, and now Misha as God, I'm not sure where the show can grow to...

I like the "I didn't know the safe word" line. I am also impressed by how "into" their characters they get and how some scenes really affect them. Shows that good acting comes from the heart.

Thanks for the wrap up, gonna have to go to one of these myself. Maybe next year. Good times:D
# Madison 2011-08-29 20:40
Wow! I can say that actually never knew that Jared got so upset from Croatoan! Now I will never be able to watch that episode the same ever again! lol This was such an enjoyable read, Alice! Thank you! What fun you must've had too! I literally almost rolled on the floor from laughter at the food story! I can just imagine Jared playing with the deep fryer and Gen finally taking it away from him. xD He's such a big child! And Jensen and the duck!? Oh my goodness gracious! lol! I loved this. It makes me look forward to attending my first convention. Thank you again, Alice! ?
# Melanie 2011-08-29 23:35
DuckSlayer! LOLZ

Thanks you for the write-up, Alice. It sounds like everybody had a blast. I can't wait for Toronto!!
# rmoats8621 2011-08-29 23:43
Thanks for the great report. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have a safe trip home. :lol:
# gunznammo2 2011-08-30 08:27
Great report, Alice. Your description of the unfolding events on-stage with the boys was priceless. Thank you so much. : )
# cls 2011-08-30 14:22
I wonder if Jensen's knife is the one he got as a groomsman at Jared's wedding. If so, it's kind of neat he carries it on him all the time (or maybe it's a bit scary too, lol).
Love the Jared deep frying tale - oh that dear boy, may he never grow up;-)
# Bevie 2011-08-30 15:15
Alice, thank you so much for this hilarious report! Those two are so endearing and seem to enjoy these cons so much. Just love them to bits! :P

Sorry for the unfortunate incident of the demise of the abused duck! Poor Jensen must be an antiducktite. :eek: We must forgive him, even as we mourn for duckie. Also Misha and Sebastian are not innocent in this murder, but seem to be rather inciteful to Jensen's vicious outburst. :-?

May Cstiel protect the other innocent ducks in Jensen's vicinity. :sigh:

And Yipee Ki Yay for Season 8!! :P ;-)
# Caryn 2011-09-01 23:36
This was great. I love how down to earth the boys are. :D

Thanks for adding the pics in to show us what they were wearing. :P
# jily4 2011-09-05 02:12
Hi, I enjoyed your write up almost as much as the real thing!!LOL This was my first con, and sooooo much fun. I am dissapointed I did not know you were going to be there or I would have made a big effort to say hello, and tell you how much I enjoy your web site. It is my favorite and I read everything!! Mostly, I don't comment, but will try to join more often. Again, thanks for the delightful write up. Made me feel like I was there. Oh, wait, I was!!!!