Here it is, the last of the Comic Con reports, for this site anyway.  I still have more interviews to transcribe and more reports to give, but that will be happening over the next few weeks between now and the new TV season start.  Those reports though will be happening on other sites (TV For The Rest of Us will be relaunching within a day or two).  For The Winchester Family Business, we're done!

I know it’s been a week and a half since the panel at Comic Con, but reports have been circulating all over the place and I wanted to share some more great reports other than the ones on this site. In the Comic Con press room, multiple interviews were done and there were four press roundtables running at once. Below are the links that I highly recommend after going through all the reports.  The recommendations are designed to eliminate redunancy. 
First, there’s TV Squad. They were at the third press table (I was at the first) and they put out video of all of their interviews. They even got to talk to Misha! Below is the links to those interviews. Here are my favorite bits out of them: (SPOILERS BELOW)
-          Jensen talks about a scene in episode 6.04 where he has a “fairly dramatic” phone call with Bobby. He isn’t in the episode much and only had to act three of the eight days. The rest was all directing.  As Misha revealed in NJ a few weeks ago, Jared isn't in it much either. 
-          Jensen is very excited about the new season because it has the simplicity of season one which is his favorite season. 
-          Ben Edlund jokes around that they’re moving on after ending roughly where the Bible had ended.   He also had me rolling over an analogy that the Joseph Campbell hero never rests and goes to the wizard for another sword. 
-          Ben uses the word “marriage” for Lisa and Dean, but in my roundtable interview with Sera Gamble she specifically says they are living together. So, we’re going on the assumption Ben is talking about a common law type marriage thing. We’ll find out! 
-          Ben wrote episode 6.03, the return of Castiel. Raphael still exists and is quite irritated. â€œThere is no happily ever after.” 
-          Ben implied that if the show had ended in season five, Sam would have stayed in Hell for eternity. So, I guess we can say The CW rescued Sam Winchester. Weird, I know. 
-          Misha toys with a questioner, especially over a question if there will be other angels. It’s really amusing. He didn’t give away too much.
-          This has one has the best Eric Kripke interviews I’ve seen at the Comic Con. Kripke admits the original plan was for Sam to be possessed by Lucifer and Dean to hunt him down and kill him. That all changed when angels were introduced and Michael came into the picture. â€œA lot of it was noticing the opportunities at the time and taking advantage.”
-          Kripke calls season six “Supernatural: The Sequel.”
-          Kripke defends the finale (see this article for more of that though)
Ed Gross posted his audio recording of his table’s interview with Jensen (he was at the second table). It seems Sam has a car! Jensen talks about that at length and a racing scene involving both of them.  It’s a pretty cool interview.
I’m very pleased that Mo Ryan was there too (great seeing you again Mo!). She was on the frontline along with a couple others doing some video interviews. I love her interview with Eric Kripke, who explains his rationale behind the Michael and Lucifer battle. I’ll tell ya, the man is a lot more laid back these days without all that pressure. Sadly, she didn’t get into interview Jensen, but she included Zap2it’s interview with him.
Speaking of Zap2it, Jared’s interview can be found here too. Light spoilers, but he does admit Dean is bossy!
The second link here is Mo’s coverage of the panel, which I missed to interview the cast and producers from “Smallville.” It’s a great rundown of the key things said and has a complete audio recording of the panel. There aren’t any spoilers that weren’t revealed in the press room, but the goofing around is great.
I’ll keep updating if I seen anything else that doesn’t overlap with what’s up here or with what I’ve already published in my interviews. If you see any new information, feel free to share!