In season three Sammy will try to keep Dean from going to hell. He will fail. He will be eager to accept a demon's help (Ruby) who claims to know how to serve Dean.

The first step onto that slippery slope that will lead him to! well, we know.  The story is gaining momentum, it's not about killing YellowEyes anymore.
The Magnificent Seven (3.1)

Dean ain't sweatin' the cholesterol, he's gonna be dead, soon, anyway. He gets pretty annoying with his I-laugh-death-in-the-face which leads to this scene that is one of my favourite:

Dean: I don't know, it's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Sam. That's hellfire, Dean,
Dean: Whatever.
Sam: You're a hypocrite, Dean. How did you feel when sold his soul for you? Cause I was there. I remember. You were twisted and broken. And now you go and do the same thing! to me. What you did was selfish.
Dean: Yeah. You're right. I was selfish. But I'm okay with that.
Sam: I'm not.
Dean: Tough. Afer everything I've done for this family, I think I'm entitled. I've got a year to live, Sam. I'd like to make the most of it. So what do you say we kill some evil sons Of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?
Sam: You're unbelievable
Dean: Very true 

The Kids Are Alright (3.2)

Anyone out there who would not have hoped that Ben should be Dean's kid? They were adorable together. My fave scene is the one in which Dean teaches the boy how to throw a punch if necessary. We girls were not allowed to do that, I wish!.

Bad Day At Black Rock (3.3)

I love, love this episode, Sammy giving the best Pluto impression of his life. Plus we are introduced to beautiful, foxy Bela who will a pain in the ass of the Winchester life.

My most beautiful scene is Dean's face while winning the free meal card at Biggersons.

Sin City (3.4)

We meet Sodom and Gomorrha in the US, as well, inhabited by demons of all kinds and the occasional has a butt you can bounce a nickle on.The gorgeous Casey is - perhaps - a demon to be trusted, had she not been killed by Sam Casey might have become Dean's Ruby. Who knows.

Fave scene: their little heart to heart in the broken down cellar (ah, Randal, just for you)

Casey: Why, Dean, if I didn't know better, I'd say that's lust in your eyes. Well it would be one way to spend the tie But I don't think you'd respect me in the morning.
Dean: That's okay. I mean, hey, I barely respect you know.

Bedtime Stories (3.5)

Beautiful Girl. Witchy women. The big bad wolf!

Fave scene: Sam tryin to draw the attacker - he badly needs drawing classes!

Red Sky At Morning (3.6)

Two reasons why I love this episode: I love, love, love Ellen Geer who I have met a few times, a lovely, insane and very smart lady , and her groping at Sam's behind (Ha! Go girl) and Dean having hs James Bond moment. 

Fresh Blood (3.7)
Gordon surfaces again! Bela helps him find the Winchesters.

Fave scene: Sam confronting Dean with his death-wish-issues and the façade he's been puttin up lately

Sam: You know what, man, I'm sick and tired of your old stupid kamikaze trip
Dean: Whoa, whoa, Kamikaze? I'm more like a ninja.
Sam: That's not funny.
Dean: It's little funny.
Sam: No, it's not!
Dean: What do you want me to do, Sam, huh) sit around all day writing sad poems about how I'm going to die? You know what , I've got one, let's see, what rhymes with 'shut up sam'
Sam: drop the attitute, Dean. Quit turning everything into a punchline. And you know something else? Stop trying to act like you're not afraid.
Dean: I'm not!
Sam: You're lying. And you may as well drop it cause I can see right through you.
Dean: You got no idea what you're talking about.
Sam: Yeah, I do.  You're scared, Dean, you're scared because your year is running our and you're still going to hell and you're freaked.
Dean: And how do you know that?
Sam: Because I know you!
Dean Really?
Am: Yeah, because I've following you around my entire life! I mean I've been looking up to you since I was four. Dean. Studying you, trying to belike my big brother. So yeah, I know you. Better than anyone else in the entire world. And this! is exactly how you react when you're terrified.And I mean, I can't blame you. It's just!
Dean: What?
Sam : It's just I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again.
A Very Supernatural Christmas (3.8)
We finally see a bit more of the young Winchester lives, Dean trying to protect his father and his little brother simultaneously. Even stealing chick presents' to evoke the impression that dad had been there, as he had promised. But, unfortunately, this time he could not save Sam from the big disappointment and the bitter tears he would shed.
As they are older, the protecting each other goes on, their lives, but also their spirits.
I have two favourite moments here - I just couldn't resist: The expression of defiance they muster up to meet Mr and Mrs God with.

And the moment Sam prepared the "last" Christmas for his older brother, even though can hardly bear the fact.But that's what you do when someone near will be dead soon. You swallow your own pain and try to make it as beautiful for him as possible. I'm sure many of you have experienced something like that and will concur.  It is as painful as it gets, but also rewarding to a maximum, because we are left, knowing we've given them every love possible.
Malleus Malleficarum (3.9)
Witches. Not the romantic kind. These are mean bitches, and always a rabbit gets screwed in the deal! Poor little guy.
Fave scene: Ruby saves Dean with witchcraft (we also learn that she used to be a witch when she was mortal)
Dean: You saved my life
Ruby: Don't mention it.
Dean: What was that stuff? God, It was ass. It tasted like ass.
Ruby: It's witchcraft, short bus.
Dean, muttering: You're the short bus!. Short!bus.

Dream A Little Dream of Me (3.10)
Bobby is in trouble. The Winchesters so everything to get through to him, even if it means to get into his troubled head - and ask Bella for help.
NightmareDean:  What are the things that you want? What are the things you dream? I mean your car, that's dad's. Your favourite leather jacket, dad's, your music, dad's.  Do you even have an original thought? No. All there is watch out for sammy, Look after your little brother, boy. You can still hear your das's voice in your head, can't you? Clear as a bell?
RealDean:  Just shut up.
Nightmare Dean:  I mean, think about it. All he ever did was train you; boss you around. But Sam, Sam he doted on, Sam he loved,
Real Dean:  I mean it, I'm getting angry.
Nighmare Dean:  Dad knew who you really were: a good soldier and nothing else. Daddy's blunt little instrument, Your own father didn't care if your lived or died. Why should you!
Real Dean:  Son of a bitch! My father was an obsessed bastard! All that crap he dumped on me about protecting Sam, that was his crap! He's the one who couldn't rotect his family! He's the one who let mom die, who wasn't thee for Sam, I always was! He wasn't fair! I didn't deserve what he put on me and I don't deserve to go to Hell!
Amen, brother.

Mystery Spot (3.11)
Aaawwwwwwwwwwh!. This is an impossible task, come on!
Out of competition, at request of Julie: the gargling champion of Texas! or Kansas!. Ah what the hell.

The best scene, the most devastating one and the one that has me weep buckets in an instant is Dean's 'real' death on Wednesday. And this time Sam doesn't wake up. Instead he embarks on a mission to find the Trickster.

This episode is Sam Winchester's breaking point. He knows now how it feel to live without his brother. He knows what he is capable of becoming after that.

Jus In Bello (3.12)
The Tattoo! It was about time, boys
Agent Henricksen: I shot the Sheriff.
Dean: But you didn't shoot the deputy!
Ghostfacers (3.13)
Oh, dear, they need to investigate a hunter's Grand Canyon. Believe me, you don't wanna know.
But the Facers really grow with the task and eventually help the brutally murdered Corbett to slip out of his time-loop.
Harry: You know what this means. You have to be gay for the dead intern.

Long Distance Call (3.14)
An episode in tradition of the classic monster-of-the-week shows, with annoying museum guides, a Crocotta and Dean's ass ‘being to sweet to let out of sight'.
Dean: And the only one person can get me out of this thing is me.
Sam: And me
Dean ‘And me?'
Sam: What?
Dean: Deep revelation, having a deep moment here, That's what you come back with? ‘And me?'
Sam: Do you want a poem?
Dean: Moments gone. Unbelievable.

Time Is On My Side (3.15)
Okay, some modern-day (well almost modern day) Dr. Frankenstein attacks young and fit people to get himself a new organ or the odd limb. Ew! Sam, however, desperate enough to even consider alchemy, wants to find this doctor to use him to save Dean. Dean, as we might know, is not so happy.
My fave scene is Bela's end. She was such a tragic character. I understand the girl. She had no idea what else to do. And in the end she died alone, terrified and without friends. No one should go out like that.  (From Alice - I'm far less symphathetic. Bela had it coming.  It was perfect.  Then again, I never liked her.)

No Rest For The Wicked (3.16)
Bobby: where do you think you're going?
Dean: We got the knife.
Bobby: and you intend to use it witout me – do I look like a ditchable prom-date to you?
Sam: No, Bobby, of course not.
Dean: This about me and Sam . Okay? This isn't your fight.
Bobby: The hell it isn't. Family don't end with blood boy!
Ah, Bobby, a man after my own heart!

Plus: Sam's last goodbye. I'm out of tears by now.

This concludes the third season! Sweet Jesus! Dean is in hell! Not for long. See you next time on this very same screen, folks !


# BagginsDVM 2010-04-17 15:22
I love your lists, Jas! I think that bitchface of Sam's after Dean's "but you didn't shoot the deputy" wisecrack may be my favorite Sammy bitchface of all. I don't know if I could narrow it down to just 100 fav moments, but I'm certainly enjoying the trip down memory lane & laughing or crying all over again at the screencaps.
# elle2 2010-04-17 17:09

Awesome list. I've love all three so far and looking at those scenes you've chosen makes me want to pull out all my DVDs, insert and hit "PLAY ALL" and have a 100 episode marathon...wond er if I can get away with doing that? Let me check, bathroom, food, water,,,yep, I have all those things available to me...what stops me from doing that? Oh, work...drat. There's always that. Ah, well, I intend to do what I do every Hellatus, start with The Pilot and end with, this year's, Swan Song. 104 episodes to be viewed, coming soon.

Great job picking stand out moments. It's a monumental task, thanks for taking it on.
# elle 2010-04-17 23:09
Wonderful selections, Jas! This compilation of yours has really made me smile and brought back all the little moments, even of episodes that aren't typically on my rewatch list, for whatever reason. I eagerly await season four - though I don't know how you'll be able to pick just one moment for each episode!
# Julie 2010-04-18 07:23
Ah Jas,
Thank you, Thank you, you know me so well , and certainly cheered up my Sunday (and at a guess a certain librarians too!).
I have loved joining you on this near impossible quest which you have undertaken. A true labour of love having to study in depth all those images. You have been more than fair in your choices! (Indulge yourself a bit more ,we will forgive you).
Here`s looking forward to Past 4 -- Love Ju x
# joelsteinlover 2010-04-18 12:06
"let’s see, what rhymes with ‘shut up sam’"

I actually had to read that entire conversation out loud, I love it so much.
# Jasminka 2010-04-18 16:38
BagginsDVM, elle2, Elle, Julie, joelsteinlover, thank you, folks. Buckle up for the forth part, coming soon, just sent it to Alice.

BagginsDVM, yeah, that ‘bitchface’ was priceless, but then again, so was Dean’s ‘but you didn’t shoot the deputy’. What a cute scene in a horrific episode. Loved the breather.

Elle2, thank you so much. I wish I had the time to watch all the episodes again, too. Work and sleep get in the way. It was easier to write this, as I have watched the episodes so often in the past that I had to browse through my memory. Thank Heavens I have a visual memory system,…

Elle, that was somewhat my intention – bringing back the pivotal and beautiful moments of our beloved show

Julie, it was my great pleasure, dear!

Joelsteinlover, that conversation is wonderful, indeed! You know what, I was reading it loud as I was writing it….

Thank you. Thank you. Jas
# Karen 2010-04-19 18:39
Hi Jasminka
That Bedtimes Story sketch just cracks me up every time I see it.
The other scene in Fresh Blood is at the end with Dean teaching Sam the ropes with the Impala…its both heartwarming and sad.
# Randal 2010-04-20 10:09
Ah, Jas, I owe you one.

AC/DC rules!

Biggerson's! And who can forget Kubrick? "Don't play with my Jesus."

The ending of 3.8 (that last shot and the last scene itself) is a major reason why Supernatural is far superior to virtually everything else out there. No endless stream of dialogue, no histrionics.
# Jasminka 2010-04-20 13:40
Karen and Randal, folks, thanks!

Karen, I love, love, love that scene with the sketch and Sam's embarrassed face here. Adorable. Just saw that FreshBlood episode in German TV last MOnday, even in German that last scene moved me tremendously.

Randal, no problem, I'll take the gorgeous Chanel heels I can't afford to buy 8-)

Don't play with my Jesus almost made the list. Gosh, so many other scenes would have fit in... And I agree with your assessment of the last scene of the Christmas episode. Grand television.

Cheers, Jas
# ElenaM 2010-04-21 00:36
"That’s what you do when someone near will be dead soon..." Loved your comments on this scene, heartbreaking. So was the auto-shop scene at the end of Fresh Blood, right on, Karen... "I'm out of tears by now." Yeah, this show'll do that to ya. And as, er, misconceived as Bela was, I did feel really awful for her after TIOMS...

Your screencaps were fantastic as always, especially the selections for DALDOM (Amen, brother!) and JIB--perfection !
# shrunga 2012-08-27 01:43
awesome list :) only one addition would have made it even better. my all-time favorite scene was the one where sam and dean were singing " dead or alive ' in the impala in "no rest for the wicked ".