Yes, I'm incredibly fortunate again to get from Warner Brothers a critics episode preview.  This time, I got to see the milestone 100th episode of Supernatural, "The Point of No Return" in its entirety.  So what did I think?

  I'm taking a risk of sounding a broken record (not to mention risking my professionalism), but here goes.   HOLY FREAKING MOTHER OF GOD!!  WHAT A STUNNER!!  I'M A COMPLETE WRECK!!

After 100 episodes, there aren't words anymore. I've stretched my thesaurus farther than it was ever intended to go. How many times can I use words like "epic," "emotional," "dramatic," "brilliant," (especially with the acting) "superior," "touching," "jaw dropping," or just "the best" without sounding redundant?  I suppose if those words worked for the first 99 episodes, they'll work for the hundredth as well.  "Point of No Return" is all those things and more. Prepare for the episode that will make fans fall in love with this show all over again.
I have a fun little story to share about watching this.  I was away and unfortunately suffered an internet free weekend (it was torture) and in between coming back from that and taking my daughter to the mall, I HAD to work in this preview. How could I not? So, I made my daughter a promise. If she let's mom watch the episode, we'd go to the mall immediately after.  So, guess who was a TOTAL FREAKING BASKET CASE by the time we got to the mall?? I was so lost in my shock over this completely engrossing drama that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time that I don't even remember driving to the mall. I couldn't even look at a flannel shirt without busting out in tears. When an episode affects me like that, it's something special. 

As I've done with other episode previews, I'll share some "teasing" statements. These are little clues that are slightly spoilery but don't give away the farm. I've especially been sworn to secrecy on four MAJOR plot twists that will have everyone buzzing by the end.  Yes, a lot happens.

So, if you want to be totally unspoiled, look away NOW. 
Sam desperately tries to hold everything and everyone together and WOW, this is not the Sammy of old. He takes plenty of bashing but holds on in a big way, even though he has points where he's about to lose it. It's so exciting to see him act like this.     
Oh Dean, poor poor Dean. What can I say? His burden is huge and his heart is heavy. Dean gets his own time in the panic room but it's not anywhere near as long or dramatic as what Sam got in "When The Levee Breaks." Two powerhouse scenes come from that setting though.   
The Sam and Dean brotherly drama is VERY intense and the core of this episode. Their brotherly bond faces the most critical test ever and the results push the limits of everyone involved, including any fan that gets really emotionally involved in these episodes (you know, all of us). This is the most emotional, most dramatic, and most satisfying brotherly drama I've seen on this show yet.
You know what else is really intense? Castiel. He gets a huge storyline and his scenes are every bit as shocking and exciting as the Winchester brothers. The Minions will be doing backflips. There's deep friction between Cas and Dean the entire episode and because of that he follows Sam's lead.     
Bobby is in the episode too, but other than one explosive exchange with Dean (yes, one of the clips), he's more there as a supporting player. It is thrilling to see all four of our heroes working together in the same room though. 
As said in the episode synopsis, Adam returns. How he comes back though is really cool and he's not close to the Adam from "Jump The Shark." We get to know him all over again and he isn't exactly happy over the family reunion. When the plan for Adam is revealed, it's one of those moments that sets this episode up for greatness.   
Zachariah is in this episode and he's a bigger dick here than any other time, including "Dark Side of The Moon." Just when we thought he couldn't go any farther, he does. 
There's a scene twenty minutes in where my heart gets crushed into a million pieces.  I had to pause for several minutes to pull myself together. The final scene got me pretty hard too. 
The story continuity is excellent, especially from "Dark Side of The Moon," "Jump The Shark" and well, all the other episodes. John Winchester is brought up a few times and not in a flattering light. Daddy issues for everyone!
The "Green Room" from "Lucifer Rising" makes another appearance. It's really amusing where it turns out to be. 
A minor point, but the episode is directed by Phil Sgriccia, not John Showalter which is what the synopsis published by The CW says. That's great too, because he has a masterpiece on his hands.  

(ETA) How could I forget this???  There's a brief moment of bare chested Castiel. 
That's all I can share for now without giving away too much.   It's a HUGE setup for what's coming for the rest of the season, so hold on and we can "white knuckle" it together.