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The season (but hopefully not series) finale of The Winchesters is among us.  We've been trying to unpack all season what's been happening and we've...gotten nowhere.  Will we finally get answers?  Will the results be satisfying or will be left with more questions than answers?  Will they really piss us off and end with an unsatisfying cliffhanger that potentially will never be resolved?  They wouldn't be that mean, would they?  WOULD THEY????
We've come to the season one finale of Walker: Independence!  Everything seems to be building up to a showdown with Tom Davidson.  I'm very curious how that will all turn out. 

The season finale episode is titled "Let Him Hang."  Here is the synopsis, courtesy of The CW:
Episode 13!  So, do we call this lucky thirteen?  I have no idea.  Let's see what we know about the episode.  

Walker: Independence episode 1.12 "How We Got Here" is a stunningly beautiful masterpiece that gorgeously weaves together the backstories of all of the characters that have become beloved. Narrated by Philemon Chambers in golden tones and often providing words of wisdom, this episode reveals how far the characters have come by showing where they started. And all of that changed when into Independence entered…

The Morning After

[Warning: Pictures of Clowns included]
There is so much to talk about in The Winchesters episode 1.12 “The Tears of a Clown”, I don’t know where to start! The threads we’ve tracked all season were shouted at us by every character in nearly every scene!

  • Altered Reality; Parallel or Mirror Dimension √
  • Facing Trauma √
  • Shedding Your Past √
  • Anger Management Issues √
  • Finding Family Members (Dads, Sons, Brothers) who are Missing √
  • Title Thread as a clue to the Myth Arc Mystery √

If we put these all together, they suggest...

Walker 3.12, "Best Laid Plans", explored the old adage “Best laid plans oft go awry.” Each of our groups had to overcome shocking surprises and derailed plans (most, but not all, successfully), only for the whole world to come crashing down at the end on …

The Winchesters episode 11, "You've Got a Friend" inspired plenty to talk about in my review - writing, crafting characters, what may have been done through the season... etc., which is always a plus for an episode in my book.

Walker's "Best Laid Plans" is another solid episode with lots of crime drama and some interesting family issues. I really like how the end of this season is shaping up!

I’ll skip the recap and share my impressions by character group.

Oh man, a review.  Well um, it’s just, I dunno, I have nothing to say? 

It is getting really hard to watch this show.  There’s only two episodes left, maybe in the entire series, and they’re just not picking up the pacing or the tension or delivering any kind of coherent plot.  Everything seems off, random, and it feels like they’re stalling.  I have some wild theories about where this could be going, but is any of that worth having to get through one of these episodes?  Sometimes not.  It could be I’m just in a blue mood this week and my patience wearing thin, but I really want to watch the show for once where I can enjoy what I’m seeing.  Be actively engaged in what is in front of me.  I’m just not there.  I didn’t even like the blouse Carlos was wearing this week.