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“The Owl And The Arrow” was a surprisingly fitting name for this week’s episode of Walker: Independence.  It was a tense look at Old West justice, period-accurate racism and prejudice, and some unfortunate realities of the world that still haven’t changed.

Since the events of this episode are focused around the accusations and proceedings surrounding Francis Reyes’ death, I’m going to cover the episode scene-by-scene.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

This week’s episode of Walker brought a few characters their “Just Desserts”.

Since “Just Desserts” was so focused on the central event of the Walker Family Thanksgiving, I’m going to be covering all the hard-hitting action scene-by-scene. Also, I’m going to be doing things a little differently with this review and tone down on the detail a smidge to keep things manageable.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The Morning After

I’ve been very excited to dive into the “Threads” of The Winchesters fifth episode “Legend of a Mind”. So many themes of the season became clear, pulling together the strands of stories we had only glimpsed up to this point. Whereas the prior episode “Masters of War” was an emotional story, “Legend of a Mind” was more intellectually tantalizing, as the title suggests. Let’s get started!

Nothing like going into the winter break with a Thanksgiving episode!  Things aren't exactly rosy at the Walker household, so expect plenty of harsh words and hurt feelings.  You know, a typical Thanksgiving dinner for a lot families.  
Final episode before the winter break!  So what's going to happen to take us from the end of this episode into January?  Looks like a pretty intense trial coming!

"Something There That Wasn’t There Before" was another strong Walker episode, with some interesting sibling tension—and resolution. Plus Supernatural fans got an ‘Easy, Tiger’ call back, as well as Winchester half-brother Jake Abel coming on as Kevin and plenty of sulfur.

As usual, I’ll skip the recap and go for the things that stood out to me as themes and signals.

Talking, hearing, and actually listening played a big role in this episode. In the beginning, Cordell and Liam are making breakfast. Liam wants to talk about their capture, but Cordell’s mind is on what happened with the kids and he brushes off Liam.

“Things aren’t always what they seem.” This is definitely true in the town of Independence. Just when one thinks they know what is going on, new information changes what they thought they knew. "Random Acts" was full of new information that changed what the Walker: Independence characters thought they knew, starting with …

“Sometimes, a person just wants to be heard.”  The theme of hearing someone interwove throughout this episode with the people desiring to be heard, or striving to hear those who need it.  Of course, the one who most want to hear them is …

“Fighting the battle between good and evil isn't easy, especially when the first monster you have to face is the one inside yourself.”

I’m a bit torn about “Masters of War."  I get the intent of the story, but I’m not entirely sold on the execution.  On the plus side, this was one intense and very realistic character study of veterans post wartime.  On the negative side, this was a really sloppy monster of the week story.  So, how do I reconcile the two parts?  The way I always do, by breaking it down.