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"Buffering" was another good Walker episode, with a solid mix of case story and family. Lots of moving parts! We start out with Trey and Cassie at the taco truck. They banter comfortably, and also discuss relationships. Cassie says she and Kevin are doing well. Trey is worried about Captain James’ anger and his own future. Their lunch is interrupted by a call from Cordell about a break-in at a government building. I enjoy seeing Trey and Cassie have an evolving friendship and work relationship that is so easy-going and uncomplicated. It’s great to see people working together without there needing to be romantic tension. Friends can be ‘just friends’!

Having to change one’s view when presented with new information can be difficult and disconcerting. All of Walker: Independence's characters had to change their view in "Strange Bedfellows" starting with the central storyline around …

“Buffering” is more than a computer term with which many are familiar. Though it can be preloading and saving data for a computer to run smoothly, it can also mean to try to lessen the impact of … something. Both of these definitions describe Walker's characters who are striving to lessen the impact of previous happenings, while gearing up for what is to come. And the one who has been through so much, and gets the creepy cryptic message about what is to come is …

Winter Hellatus is over!  The Winchesters is back on Tuesday, now at a new time at 9:00 ET.  Will there be fallout from the midseason finale?  Maybe.  All signs point to emotional issues at least.  Will John and Mary jump into a relationship?  History says yes, but will it happen now?  Will Samuel be okay?  History says yes - for now.  Next year is looking dicey.  Will the Akrida continue their diabolical plan?  Eh, I don't really care about that, but whatever happens, happens I guess.  
It's Thursday, and it's time for a new Walker: Independence episode!  This week's installment, episode 1.09, is titled "Strange Bedfellows."  So what does it mean?  Let's see if this week's preview offers any clues.
Wow, Thursday has snuck up on us fast, hasn't it?  Without much fanfare, here is the preview info for episode 3.09, titled "Buffering".

Sunny pulls up outside her house, pausing as she ascends the stairs when she sees the door is open.  She sees blood splattered on the floor and bloody handprints on the walls.  "Buck?" she calls hesitatingly a couple times.  A figure clutching a large knife appears - it's Paige, looking wild-eyed and accusing Sunny of setting Buck on her, kidnapping her and trying to kill her. When Sunny asks where Buck is, Paige says she killed him and she came to the house to kill Sunny.  She lunges at her with the knife, but Sunny sidesteps, pushing her forward, and grabbing an aerosol can of wasp spray.  They face off, but before things can escalate, Cassie and Jenny burst in, guns drawn, and tell Paige to put down the knife. Paige's blood-spattered face crinkles, and she begins to cry.  

 After Walker's mid-season finale cliffhanger, "Cry Uncle" was a strong follow-up that tied some loose ends, and left us dangling ominously on others! As before, I’ll leave the recap to others and share my impressions. I had very few qualms about this episode, although I do have some unanswered questions and some speculation about things to come.

The discomfort of dealing with emotions was at the heart of this episode, for all the characters. No one got it completely right, but nearly all of them made some progress.

“To Thine Own Self Be True.” Shakespeare penned those words centuries ago, but they still ring true today. In Walker: Independence's "The Death of Mary Collins", each of the characters make choices to keep true to themselves - even to the point of “killing” their old self that no longer serves them in the case of …