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After a nice two week break, Walker is back!  

The name of this week's episode is "Past is Prologue."  What does that mean?  It's part of a quote from Shakespeare's The Tempest.  In the play, the events of the past shaped the opportunities for the present, which since it was a Shakespeare play, meant murder of course.  "What's past is prologue." 

You ever get that feeling of deja vu all over again? 

It felt like “Suspicious Minds” was going for the shoutouts, that’s for sure.  One little bit made the entire episode for me.   I absolutely LOVE “Everybody Hates Hitler.”  One of my favorite lines is when Dean is tossed across the parking lot by the Golem.  His reaction, “Ow, my spleen.”  So, when a Golem comes out of nowhere in this episode (it definitely felt random), I loved that after John is tossed across the room, he utters those same words as Dean.  Not with as much comedic flare, but it still worked. 

Other than that, the rest was just meant to push the plot bunny along.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s getting down to the wire and we need action.  But those Akrida goons, talk about mustache twirlers!  So that’s what those little bugs do to people?  Turn them into cartoon villains?  Sounds awful. 

 Big Sky 3.13 "That Old Feeling"

Night.  The parking lot of a country-style bar with a wide porch is decorated with white string lights and a large American flag.  A pickup truck pulls into the parking lot.  It's Buck needing to switch vehicles.  Wide-eyed and panicked, Emily and Denise are still tied up in the back.  While Buck checks cars for one he can steal, the kidnapped women capture the attention of a customer.  As they gesture frantically and scream behind the duct tape covering their mouths, the Good Samaritan gets out his phone, but, before he can call for help, Buck comes up behind him and slams his head into the passenger window.  When the man collapses to his hands and knees, Buck snaps his neck while Emily and Denise watch in horror through the cracked glass. "Have mercy on me," the soundtrack plays in the background as Buck uses his victim's remote key to find his truck which has a trailer attached to it.  Buck peeks and waves at them through the window.

In season three of Walker, Stella is on a journey to find herself and become an independent woman. This is a good idea and very fitting for her character given her age and position in the overall story, but, in my opinion, the execution on this plot has been sorely lacking. I do commend Stella on being brave enough to admit that she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life and deciding that college isn’t for her, but her near refusal to actually do anything in regard to finding that path in life she’s allegedly searching for got old very quickly. Liam dragging her into his questionable horse sanctuary isn’t a good move for either of them and her penchant for drama has come back with a vengeance. As far as coming of age arcs go, I’m a little disappointed and I think Stella deserves better.

I’d like to map out what I think a proper Coming of Age arc would look like for her and how this new timeline would change and possibly improve upon some of the plotlines surrounding it. I’ll finish off with an overview of how this arc would expand beyond what we’ve seen so far and into further seasons.

The Morning After

That was unexpected – and when I say “that”, I mean everything about The Winchesters 1.10 “Suspicious Minds”. A mad scientist Men of Letters (MoL) recluse was actually a necromancer with a golem? Possessed Kyle, who at first seemed to be a pivotal Akrida strategist, was actually disposable as a sacrifice to frame John? Dean is the Akrida’s primary target!!  “What???” was my reaction multiple times throughout the hour as I scrambled to realign my understanding of exactly which Supernatural callbacks were being used in this episode and where this story was going!

"Cast Your Fate to the Wind" kind of gives us that sense of where our beloved brothers got their "team free will" motivation. There was always an undercurrent of a defiance of destiny to John Winchester - especially if you read some of the comics about him. This is one of the better episodes where you can almost see where Sam and Dean would come from in both nature and nurture.

Fate. Where have we seen that theme before?  Oh right, it was only a massive cornerstone to the Sam and Dean Winchester story. 

In the Jan. 16thWalker: Independence episode, “All In” explored the idea of “how to ride out the storm” as a Texas dust storm descends on the town of Independence. But who does one choose as their companion to ride out the storm? Well, in keeping with the title, the best option is a person who is “All In.” This turns very interesting in the case of …

The Morning After

This week’s episode of The Winchesters, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind", was extra fun – because we got to watch it together (“we” being Nightsky from The Winchester Family Business and Lynn from Fangasm). We’ve been friends since the early seasons of Supernatural but we live in different cities, so getting to watch anything “live” together is rare. We went to the premiere of A Knock At The Cabin in New York City the night before, so were both at Lynn’s on Tuesday – which meant viewing party for The Winchesters! Here’s our morning after thoughts on the episode….before coffee….

This is invariably going to be interesting because it’s the first time that one reviewer who’s all in and is totally engrossed in the show gets to compare notes real time with a reviewer who is sometimes skeptical and….concerned. See if you can figure out who’s who after reading this….