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The Morning After

Hmmm. Only two episodes left in The Winchesters first season, yet half of “You’ve Got A Friend” was spent on a monster of the week story. Surely learning about Latika’s past couldn’t be important to defeating the Akrida, or learning why Dean is meddling with his parents’ fates. Or is it?

One thing I’ve learned from closely studying Supernatural plotlines for so many years is that the most innocuous Monster of the Week (MoTW) stories often have the most important myth arc developments buried deep within them. Latika and Carlos being unexpectedly thrust into Lata’s past seemed jarringly random – again, like so many of the other plotlines, character appearances and artifact discoveries we’ve witnessed this season.  I found myself impatiently anticipating the point of their psychological and literal journey into her relationship with her parents. I really like Latika as a character, but can we get to Dean, please?! I want to know why Dean is in the past! Lata’s deep, dark secret had been hinted at in earlier episodes, and I’d love to hear all about her sad story, but can we please put that on a backburner until we figure out what’s going on with Dean?!

Then I realized I needed to pay closer attention. Latika was probably telling Dean’s story.

Sometimes, people have to put aside their differences for the greater good. In Walker: Independence "Pittsburgh Windmill", Episode 1.11, the characters come together with a delightful plan to help Calian save his people. A plan that ends up requiring subterfuge, restraining oneself, and quick thinking. A plan that was quickly cooked up by …

Episode 12!  This third season is just humming along.  So what's in store this week?  Let's take a look. 

Only a couple episodes left!  So what's in store for our Windy favorites in the penultimate episode?  Let's see what we got. 

Another strong episode! Nice teamwork, good relationship expansion, and confirmation of one of my theories! There was a lot going on!

Pasts can be painful, but they define one’s present and future. Walker's "Past is Prologue" studies the idea of needing to overcome the past to create a better future. Each character pushes through fear and pain to ensure a better future, but the one who had to endure overcome the most pain was …

Three episodes left!  Still not sure where any of this is going?  Yeah, we're guessing a lot too.  Let's just go with the flow.  Now we've got a murder mystery!
As if hearing my complaint about last week's The Winchesters episode, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind", "Suspicious Minds" gives us plenty to chew on and mull over. This is more what you'd hope a Supernatural spin-off would be - looking at questions and themes from the mothership from a unique angle provided by the different time and cast.

Windy is back from its two week hiatus!  So what's in store for adventures in the Wild West this week?