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This is an exciting week for the #SPNFamily! Supernatural's 300th episode airs on Thursday, February 7, and the anticipation is building! Supernatural fans have been with the show every step of the way, supporting not only the show but the cast, executive team and crew as well. So of course some fans have thought of ways to celebrate the milestone in solidarity with the Supernatural creative team and fan family! Pick you favorites and join the fun!

Here are the descriptions of the fan projects we've learned of so far to celebrate the 300th Episode of Supernatural ("Lebanon“ , 7th February 2019).

Google Doodle

Sammyscougar wants to get a Supernatural “GoogleDoodle” to celebrate the 300th Episode. What is this?

Here is an example:

01 google doodle

If you like the idea and want to help make this happen, write an email to the "doodle team” from Google (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m) to explain why you would like to have a Supernatural Google Doodle on February 7. Include ideas for the doodle itself.

Deadline: 6th Feburary, 2019


jomoll4176 is asking people to send postcards from their hometowns/states with a thank you to the Supernatural offices in Vancouver and Burbank. The Supernatural fandom has a long history of postcard campaigns. She thinks postcards for the 300th is a great idea! It would be nice if we can get 300 people to send cards for the 300th Episode!

 Where to send the cards:

Supernatural Films Inc.

8085 Glenwood Drive

Burnaby, B.C.

V3N 5C8


Canada Supernatural Writing Team

c/o Holly Ollis

Warner Bros Television

4000 Warner Blvd

Bldg 140

Burbank, CA 91522

The deadline depends on your location. Just mail cards in time to get there by Thursday, February 7, 2019.

Mini Senbazuru

Celina (@redbanshee) is making a mini Senbazuru. A Senbazuru is 1000 origami cranes strung together. Hers is a mini Senbazuru because she is "only" creating just over 300 cranes - one string per season, one crane per episode. The first crane in each string is made from the season title card, and the rest are color-coordinated for that season. Each milestone episode (i.e. Episode 100, 200 & 300) is gold, and there is a single silver crane in hopes of S15.

It will look similar to this when complete:

02 mini zenbasuru

She is planning to get it in the mail to Vancouver on Saturday, Feb. 2, so the crew and Jason Fisher will have it for the 300th.

As an added bonus , as soon as Season 15 gets picked up and she know the title card, an additional string of cranes for that season will be sent to Vancouver to add to the others. She will repeat it for every new season.

Progress so far:

Let the folding begin...

03 let the folding begin

Only 4 Seasons left!

04 only 4 seasons left

A golden crane:

05 a golden crane

Watchparty at #SPNSEA

This is not exactly a fan project, but Creation Entertainment is hosting a free live screening of Supernatural 's 300th  episode in the main theater a day before their Seattle #SPNSEA (Supernatural Convention in Seattle, February 08-10,2019) convention starts. 

Excerpt from the Creation Page:

Supernatural's lasting appeal is nothing short of amazing with an epic 14 seasons on the air. The 300th episode, which airs on February 7, reunites Dean and Sam Winchester with their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) – and it’ll be a family reunion all Supernatural fans have been waiting for! Read all about it in this Entertainment Weekly feature.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion, we are holding
a FREE screening of the 300th episode on Thursday, February 7 at 8:00 PM in the main theater. No ticket is required. It’s a viewing opportunity you don’t want to miss with your fellow SPN fans!

Click here for more information.

Castiel's Angels

The Angels not only have one fan project to celebrate  300th Episodes Supernatural - they have 4!

 1st episode #SPN300 Project:  They are raffling off a painting for charity. They are deciding now what the painting will be but the proceeds will go to a charity of choice of the winner.

2nd episode #SPN300 Project:They are doing a random drawing from their followers. The winner will get a little care package of some goodies.

3rd episode #SPN300 Project: They will be doing a QUIZ night. They decided to hold off on this QUIZ night until #SPN300 gets closer SO make sure to PLAY whenever they announce the date.

4th episode #SPN300 Project: They are doing an Art Contest! This contest will run through March! Post photos of your art to celebrate #SPN300.  The art piece should reflect what #SPNFamily means to you. Enter by tagging @CastielsAngels7 on Twitter at #Angels300Contest.


The WFB's Lilah Kane is planning to update her custom fan poster for Supernatural's 300th episode.  Keep your eyes open on her Twitter.

Old Fanposter from her:
06 Fanposter

"Writing Tips from 300 Episodes of Supernatural"

Lisa Mangum  is working on a book of writing tips from all 300 episodes of Supernatural. She analyzed every episode for plot structure, character development, and thematic arcs and then offered a writing tip an author might apply to his/her own work. She will write the last bit on February 7, after 300th Episode has aired. Then it´s off to press, though it will take some time to print -  it´s 1.000 pages long!

The title of her book is Saving Stories. Hunting Themes. The Writing Business. The subtitle is Writing Tips from 300 Episodes of Supernatural.

07 Book

Commemorative Pins

This following project is over. Maybe you were one of the lucky fans who was able to participate?

Have you heard of other projects for the Supernatural cast and crew? Add them below then pick your favorites and act fast to be a part of history!