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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


For the first half of the series, episode twenty-two was a finale: it packed a punch, resolved season long plots and opened paths for the next season to pursue. In later years, episode twenty-two was the first installment of a two-part finale, the set up to the pay off on an even grander scale. In either case, it comes with emotional blows, action and revelations that were an entire season in the making.

Often these are  some of the best-known moments in Supernatural history:

Season: 1 “Devil’s Trap”

vlcsnap 00099Local de Hunt: Salvation, Iowa; Sioux Falls; Jefferson City, Missouri Featured Creature: Yellow Eyed Demon


Season: 2 “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two”

AzazeldiesLocal de Hunt: Cold Oak, South Dakota Featured Creature: Yellow Eyed Demon

REVEAL/TWIST? Mission Accomplished. For mom.

Season: 4 “Lucifer Rising”

Sam,Dean,RubyLocal de Hunt: Ilchester, Maryland  Featured Creature: Angels & Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Lilith is the final seal. Ruby finally gets her due.

Season: 5 “Swan Song”

vlcsnap 00391Local de Hunt: Lawrence, Kansas; Detroit, Michigan Featured Creature: Lucifer

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam takes control & says goodbye.

Season: 6 “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

MTM225Local de Hunt: Bootbock, Kansas; Sioux Falls Featured Creature:  Crowley, Castiel, Raphael

REVEAL/TWIST? Bow before the new god, Castiel.

Season: 7 “There Will Be Blood”

supernatural8Local de Hunt: Hoople, North Dakota; Missoula, Montana Featured Creature: Leviathan, Alpha-Vamp, Crowley

REVEAL/TWIST? All the elements gathered and no allies remaining in the Leviathan war.

Season: 8 “Clip Show”

sewingonabaddonsheadLocal de Hunt: Colorado; California; Prosperity Indiana; St. Louis, Miss. Featured Creature: Crowley, Abaddon

REVEAL/TWIST? An ultimatum with a deep price. Is Sam willing to pay it?

Season: 9 “Stairway to Heaven”

DeanRagingLocal de Hunt: Heaven; Dixon, Missouri; Pray, Montana; Colorado Featured Creature: Metatron; Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean’s calling the shots while the First Blade is in his hand – for better or worse.

Season: 10 “The Prisoner”

s10e22 504Local de Hunt: Shreveport, Louisiana; Concordia Kansas Featured Creature: Styne Family

REVEAL/TWIST? Vengeance belongs to he who wields the First Blade – and nothing will stand in Dean’s way.

Season: 11 “We Happy Few”

spn1122 2470Local de Hunt: Fall River, Mass.; Grand Isle, Louisiana; Lewis, Oklahoma Featured Creature: Amara

REVEAL/TWIST? Amara will see the Earth burn.

Season: 12 “Who We Are”

SPN 1642Local de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas; Sioux Falls, South Dakota  Featured Creature: BMoL

REVEAL/TWIST? Brainwashing, BMoL and Bonding.

Season: 13 “Exodus”

SPN 1980

Local de Hunt: Apocalypse World; Ohio; Kentucky Featured Creature: Michael, Alt-Castiel

REVEAL/TWIST? Lucifer and Michael strike a deal. Gabriel says goodbye.

No matter which episode I look at, almost every season has a phenomenal scene, exchange or speech in episode twenty-two. Of course, we all remember Dean’s monologue to Sam’s body in AHBL2 and the infamous moments in Swan Song between the brothers. Yet nothing gets me quite like the controlled execution of the Styne family in The Prisoner. What stands above the rest for you?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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