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"Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this - no dog exchanges bones with another.” Adam Smith

Bargains and deals – sounds very much like our Winchesters doesn’t it? In Supernatural, deals usually have bad consequences and Sam and Dean should not make them lightly. If you look at the history of the brothers, how many deals have they made? Their mother made a deal to get John back because she didn’t want to lose him. Sam made a silent deal with a faith healer that cost other person her life (but of course Sam didn’t know about the deal). John wanted to save Dean so he bargained with Azazel and the deal cost John his life. Dean felt that being alive after that was wrong, you know the natural order and all that jazz, so when Sam died, Dean bargained to get him back. That led to him having only one year to live which ended in him dying through the paws and claws of hell hounds.


You know, we could go on and on and on with the bargains Sam, Dean and Castiel have made. Same thing has happened over and over again. It is all so easy to see when you check out the fan video for this article. Even though every bargain they have made ended badly, they had good intentions. They made them because of love and because they could not let go of their loved ones. Many of us can relate to that. We often say “We would do anything to bring him/her back”. The question is – would we really?


Enjoy the video!


Supernatural: The Breaking Light by: Jolea Harrison


The Breaking Light by Vienna Teng

(feat. Alex Wong)


Watch the shadow lines fade away

Brother you will return

Let your lion heart cleave the waves

Brother you will return

In the breaking light


Leave the battlefield, leave her hand

Brother you will return

For we are a woven thread, find the strand

Brother you will return

In the breaking light


So listen to the darkness, listen to the patterns

Listen to the breathing sea

Listen to the colors, carry them inside you

They will bring you back to me

In the breaking light


Feel the ground beneath sweep and sway

Brother we will return

Feel the hollow dream slip away

Brother we will return

In the breaking light


So listen to the darkness, listen to the patterns

Listen to the breathing sea

Listen to the colors, carry them inside you

They will bring you back to me

Listen to the sirens, listen to the heartbeat

Listen to the turning tide

Listen to the murmurs, carry them inside you

til we’re on the other side

In the breaking light

In the breaking light


Cynthia Yih Shih (born October 3, 1978, Saratoga, California), better known by her stage name Vienna Teng, is an American pianist and singer-songwriter based in Detroit, Michigan. Teng has released five studio albums: Waking Hour (2002), Warm Strangers (2004), Dreaming Through the Noise (2006), Inland Territory (2009) and Aims (2013). She has also released one live album, The Moment Always Vanishing (2009), on which she is double-billed with her percussionist, Alex Wong. Teng's musical style incorporates folk, pop, classical piano, and a cappella. She uses piano as her primary instrument and writes lyrics with emotion, narrative, and personal history.




Dean: All right. I say we take dick bag here back to the Bunker, find out what he knows, and put a bullet in him, burn his bones, and flush the ashes.

Castiel: I like that plan.


Sister Jo: After The Fall, when we lost our wings, I wasn't devastated. I was liberated. I was finally free. But you must know how that feels.

Lucifer: No. No, I always wanted to... fit in, please a father I couldn't please. And now I'm gonna be a father. Probably screw it up like He did.

Sister Jo: Lucifer... the great and terrible.

Lucifer: I don't know why I said that. Stupid. I mean, it's like... pretty soon, I'm not gonna feel anything, you know. I mean... the more I do this, the stronger I get, the more me I become. Lucifer... Prince of Darkness. King of Lies. I'm back, baby.


Asmodeus: Beautiful, isn't it?

Ketch: Oh, yes.

Asmodeus: The only known weapon capable of destroying an archangel -- the archangel blade.

Ketch: You'll forgive me, but my reading of the lore suggests that the... blade is only effective if wielded by an archangel.

Asmodeus: Oh, really? Thanks for the news flash. Allow me to make an introduction. Mr. Ketch... Meet the Archangel Gabriel.






Trivia and Minutiae


Donatello: And so, the spell to open this rift is in the angel tablet?

Sam: Yeah, they -- they are, um... on Earth 2, except--

Castiel: Except we don't have the angel tablet anymore.

Earth-Two is an alternate universe found in DC Comics, and was home to the Golden Age superhero versions of the Flash (Jay Garrick) and Green Lantern (Alan Scott).


Anael, also known as Haniel, is an archangel from Jewish lore. The name probably derives from Hebrew word for joy - hana'ah. Julie McNiven suggested that Anael was the real angelic name of Anna Milton from seasons 4-5.


Gabriel appearing with his mouth sewed shut is a reference to to the Norse trickster Loki, who had his mouth sewed shut by the dwarf Brokkr after losing a wager. Gabriel had previously assumed the identity of Loki after retreating from Heaven.









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