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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Episode seventeen might not be a finale, but definitely it has some action and some propelling motion when it comes to the final chapter of the season. Characters die, players begin to make their moves, plans start to unfold: episode seventeen is where it finally starts to take shape towards the end.

Season: 1 “Hell House”

SPN 1303Local de Hunt: Richardson, Texas Featured Creature: Tulpa

REVEAL/TWIST? The power of the internet.

Season: 2 “Heart”

MadisonwerewolfLocal de Hunt: San Francisco, California Featured Creature: Werewolf

REVEAL/TWIST? Self-sacrifice rears its ugly head – and Sam’s heartbroken.

Season: 4 “It’s a Terrible Life”

ElevatorSamDeanLocal de Hunt: Ohio Featured Creature: Ghost, Angel

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam and Dean will find their way to hunting – no matter what.

Season: 5 “99 Problems”

CastieljokesLocal de Hunt: Blue Earth, Minnesota Featured Creature: Whore of Babylon; Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean says his goodbyes and makes some promises.

Season: 6 “My Heart Will Go On”

image11Local de Hunt: Chester, Pennsylvania Featured Creature: Atropos

REVEAL/TWIST? The difference a ship makes.

Season: 7 “The Born-Again Identity”

BA035Local de Hunt: Colorado; Indiana; Montana Featured Creature: Hallucifer, Demons, Ghosts

REVEAL/TWIST? Castiel absorbs Sam’s broken mind and Meg becomes Castiel's guardian.

Season: 8 “Goodbye Stranger”

cassfightingnaomiLocal de Hunt: Lincoln Springs, Missouri Featured Creature: Demons, Naomi

REVEAL/TWIST? Cas breaks Naomi’s hold & goes solo to protect the Tablet.

Season: 9 “Mother’s Little Helper”

9.17 Sam Soul 1449Local de Hunt: Milton, Illinois Featured Creature: Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? The boys have a renewed connection over a shared enemy: Abaddon.

Season: 10 “Inside Man”

IM 11Local de Hunt: Heaven; Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Angels, Rowena

REVEAL/TWIST? It all comes down to choices.

Season: 11 “Red Meat”

RM 15Local de Hunt: Grangeville, Idaho Featured Creature: Werewolves

REVEAL/TWIST? Love trumps death – especially when you’re a Winchester.

Season: 12 “The British Invasion”

12.17 404 Eileen shockedLocal de Hunt:Falls River, Massachusetts; Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Dagon

REVEAL/TWIST? RIP Mick. Hunters Beware.

Season: 13 “The Thing”

TT11Local de Hunt: Portsmouth, Rhode Island; Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Asmodeus, Glythur, Yokoth

REVEAL/TWIST? Ketch and Dean through the rift.

It’s hard to know what has been the best moment of the thirteen years worth of episode seventeen’s. For the most part they’ve nearly all had a high emotional factor in one form or another: the rollercoaster of “Red Meat”, the drama of “Goodbye Stranger” and even the humour of “It’s a Terrible Life” – punchy and exceptional.

Which episode had the most emotional impact for you? Which had the most impact in its season? Which character surprised you the most?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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